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100+ Electrical Engineering Research Topics Examples

Electrical Engineering Research Topics Examples

Electrical engineering comprises the comprehension of electricity and how it works. The main task of electrical engineers is to improve the distribution of energy to different electrical devices. Electrical engineers utilize their skills and knowledge to solve different technical issues. Electrical engineers’ tasks are working with the airline navigation system, GPS, systems for power generation, and transmissions like the wind farmhouses and similar projects. Working on different energies also comes in the domain of electrical engineers such as hydro-energy, turbine, fuel cell, gas, geothermal energy, solar energy, and wind energy. Electrical engineers use various passive components such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors, and so on while working on electrical devices and systems.

Students need to get different ideas for the research in electrical engineering on the latest ideas during the academic career of engineering. If you have been looking for an article that includes interesting research paper topics for electrical engineering students at a single site, you have come to the right place.

Electrical Engineering Research Topics Examples

Top Research Topics for Electrical Engineering Students

For your convenience, we have compiled here a list of the top 100 electrical engineering project ideas in 2021.

  1. Distance Locator for an underground cable fault
  2. An analysis of battery energy storage (BES) systems financial incentive policies
  3. Photovoltaic conversion efficiency improvement using the sparse matrix converter
  4. Multiphase power and DC power transmission
  5. SVPWM inverter harmonic elimination
  6. Electric cars Regenerative braking efficiency improvement
  7. UPS systems issues in power quality
  8. Techno-environmental feasibility assessment of a standalone photovoltaic system
  9. Electric Scooter Simulation model
  10. Load-leveling economical analysis using EV
  11. Energy minimization algorithm for an electric car with many motors
  12. Minimization of Switching loss in the grid-connected system
  13. Economic analysis and a battery’s life analysis with the supercapacitor
  14. Protection System for an induction motor
  15. A high-efficiency PLC boiler control system
  16. SMART cities and IoT
  17. Electric scooter Performance analysis using different motors
  18. Semantics, knowledge management, and data acquisition using IoT
  19. Technologies of Network virtualization
  20. IoT home networks
  21. Electrical Appliance Control with Android
  22. The cost-benefit analysis of energy projects on grid-scale: A case study
  23. Detection of the arcing fault in the electrical systems
  24. Induction motor map development for efficiency
  25. A sensitivity analysis for the parameters vehicle design
  26. Research on electrical loads in the public and residential buildings
  27. Comparative Analysis and Calculation Methods of the Losses in the electrical energy in low-voltage devices
  28. Hybrid charging stations powered with solar energy
  29. IoT smart energy meter
  30. Wind-power generation using a synchronous generator with permanent magnet
  31. Off-grid rural areas applications using a switched reluctance machine
  32. Analysis and design of a magnetless multiphase dc-field machine to generate wind power
  33. Smart home electric energy management
  34. A techno-economic viability assessment of a decoupled energy storage
  35. A techno-economic optimization and modeling of storage-based PV power generation systems
  36. A technical model for the lithium-ion storage for biogas and PV energy system
  37. An analysis of transparent power grids
  38. Battery life and efficiency of regenerative braking
  39. Economic and life analysis of a battery with the supercapacitor
  40. EV home charging using the load-leveling algorithm
  41. In-Vivo Imaging of the cancer cells using the Fluorescent Microscopy
  42. Use of Dynamic Instrumentation for analyzing WhatsApp security
  43. Smart grid architecture design
  44. Use of PID controller for IM torque control
  45. Design of a hybrid power system
  46. Use of FIXCOM for designing a 3-level inverter
  47. Harvesting solar energy from a solar-powered satellite
  48. Use of microcontroller for battery discharging and charging of hybrid energy system
  49. Analysis and modeling of electrical gripper’s DC motor actuator
  50. Use of a brushless DC motor for Zeta converter’s power quality improvement
  51. Use of a three-phase Inverter based on Thyristor for simulation and control of a DC motor
  52. Use of PI Controller for designing a PLC speed control DC motor
  53. Use of PID controller for speed control of a DC motor: a comparative study
  54. Front-End ASICs power management circuits
  55. Off-Grid renewable energy’s remote monitoring system
  56. Non- Renewable and Renewable Energy Resources comparative analysis
  57. Development of Green Building for harvesting renewable energy
  58. Low carbon achievement: a case study
  59. Use of PSO for load dispatch in case of renewable uncertainties
  60. The hot climate and Vertical axis wind turbine relationship and consequence
  61. Use of fuzzy control for efficient electrical energy management
  62. Degradation in the performance of PV panel performance and shading effect: a case study
  63. Solar angles simulation to maximize solar thermal collectors efficiency
  64. Use of Node MCU for active solar tracking
  65. Different techniques for DC networks with low voltage
  66. Waste Management Approach based on information
  67. Grid-Connected Solar PV System with decoupled control
  68. Electric vehicle life analysis
  69. Use of ADVISOR for minimizing EV energy consumption
  70. Field data examination of energy consumption for an electric scooter
  71. Use of an electric car for peak load shaving
  72. Effect of the temperature on PV energy conversion
  73. Digital Signal process control system for motors
  74. Use of EMTDC/ PSCAD for evaluation of harmonic analysis and filter design
  75. Load flow analysis of integrated DC/ AC power system using newton-raphson method
  76. Protection System for an induction motor
  77. Auto-Irrigation System development using solar power
  78. DC motor speed control unit design
  79. Protection System design for under-voltage
  80. Protection System design for over-voltage
  81. Silicon robot based on solar power
  82. 3-phase grid-connected PV systems simulation and design
  83. Analysis of brushless servo motors
  84. Grid-connected PV systems multilevel inverter simulation
  85. MIMO transformer models
  86. Fault detection in 3 phase transmission lines
  87. An optimization technique for flexible load scheduling
  88. Design of remote terminal unit for secure control of power
  89. Use of the artificial neural network for 3-phase fault detection
  90. Design of electrical substation earthing system
  91. Microgrid integration in the power transmission lines
  92. Induction motor temperature and material selection
  93. Open-loop simulation for an optimal vehicle simulation and design
  94. Use of STATCOM for improving the transient stability of a power grid
  95. Peak load management using Vehicle to Grid system
  96. Image sensing for a closed-loop traffic control system
  97. Arduino based smart home automation system
  98. 3 phase induction motor controlled by SVPWM in an electric vehicle
  99. Increasing the efficiency of a superconducting transformer
  100. An analysis of (SCADA) System in Power Stations


Research topics for electrical engineering can be exciting yet challenging to find at the same time as they require a lot of time for thorough research and writing. Moreover, the topic and the desired approach can a lot of time to be finalized. Keeping this hassle in view, we have compiled a list of the top 100 electrical engineering research paper topics in a single article to save your time. We will also keep updating the list to include some more latest and fresh research topics related to electrical engineering.

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