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Effective Learning Strategies in a Digital World

Prepare Students for The World

Connected Classroom:

To make a connected classroom in this Digital Age, It is suggested to engage students with theEffective Learning Strategies in a Digital World technology-enhanced learning experiences so that there could be an effective learning and authentic work by the students. For students teaching matters in a digital world so there are need to continually improve and strengthen towards the digital competencies so that there could be great knowledge and technology. Technology can help or support students in the learning processes and engage them to have deeper and more sustained knowledge. Thus, I would like to teach them on an individual laptop so that there could be the effective discipline-based inquiry and in this way, they could intentionally design and get the deeper conceptual understanding about the authentic tasks.

Digital learning can engage students and provide them with the design active learning opportunities, they could focus on the given tasks in a better way, and they could combine the tasks with the appropriate technology. The digital competencies need to be continually improved and strengthen so that there could be deeper conceptual understanding unrelenting acquaintance about the computer and digital knowledge. The students, especially of schools, need to have a better understanding of the digital world, as they could get greater insight and understanding regarding the facts.

Art and Music in The Curriculum of The School:

Art and music programs in school can provide students with great fun practices, it could enhance their talent and help them to identify their skills, art, music can improve motor and the other spatial, and language skills of the students, their collaboration can be enhanced. There will be strengthening ties towards the community and peers when there is learning of skills while enjoying art and music. Thus, the students can become committed and it is needed to prioritize the art and music programs so that students can be taught to be creative. Students can enjoy and get fun in drawing and painting; there could be an encouragement for the students when they are making stuff. Art and music can provide opportunities for adolescents because they could be committed to passion and they can be creative, music can provide learning and relaxation to the student’s mind. The student will come to know about the power of creation and they will find inspiration in their work, the student in this way, students can become committed and can collaborate with the creativity skills and seeing other opportunities better for them.

Sir Ken Robinson in his motivational speech at TED on Learning Revolution, focused on the educational aspects that how schools are wasting the real talent of children. As he mentioned that he has seen some people do not enjoy what they do but some of the people enjoy what they do, this is why education spoils natural talent, so there should be a revolution not evolution in education.  Innovation is hard; education cannot feed one’s spirit. People of the pre-digital world wear wristwatches but the young generation has no reason to wear it, they call it is a single function device because they live in the digital world.

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