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Dubai Palm Island Project Report

Mega Structures- Dubai’s Palm Island

Identify the Attributes of a Dubai Palm Island Project:

  1. What Was The Objective

The reason to make the Dubai Palm Island was to make the Dubai the place of Luxury tourism, housing development and leisure.

  1. What Were Some Of The Interdependent Tasks

There were so many of the tasks which were needed to do example, the tasks related to the environmental concerns, structural importance, construction process, project risks, hidden problems and key people etc.

Dubai Palm Island Project Report

  1. What Resources Were Utilized

The 5.5 million cubic, of rocks were brought from over, 16 quarries in Dubai, the 94 million cubic, of sand, form deep sea was brought and 210 million cubic rock, stones and milestones were brought.

  1. What Was The Time Frame

Very short time was given, with multiple of the investors, the time of four years was given, but the employees or workers work hard day and night to complete the project.

  1. Who Is The Customer

The customers are from Dubai and from all over the world, as there are interesting hotels, parks and food for the people. The entire tourist likes to visit Palm Dubai.

  1. What Degree Of Uncertainty

There was the degree of uncertainty because the waves were 2 meters high, there was storm frequency predicted of one storm in one year, the earthquakes from 6 to 7 Richter scale were produced and water pollution, weal soil etc.

Group Discussion Questions

What Are The Defining Attributes Of A Project? Identify And Describe The Main Phases Of The Project Life Cycle?


Scope of the project need to clearly defined, the project need to be understand clearly from the start so that there could be effectiveness in the project.


All the projects have the finite budget; cost could be the amount of money that a customer wants to spend.


Schedule can define as cost and time and time is money, so the projects have the deadline time or date for the deliveries or the completion of the tasks.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction could be there if the projects satisfy the customers’ expectations, the quality, time, cost, scope need to clearly define for the customer’s satisfaction.

What Are The Six Elements Of A Typical Scope Statement?

1 Project objectives

2 Deliverables

3 Milestones

4 Limits and exclusions

5 Technical requirements

6 Reviews with customers

What Questions Does A Project Objective Answer? What Would Be An Example Of A Good?Project Objective?

The project objectives ask about eth when, what and the how much, the example could be the replace of the Willamette by the August 5th and the cost should not be exceeded more than $2million etc.

What Does It Mean If The Priorities Of A Project Include: Time-Constrain, Scope Accept,And Cost-Enhance?

The project need to be finish at the needed time.

Time-constrain: the fixed time

Scope accept: The requirements needed

Cost-enhance: The set criteria

What Kinds Of Information Are Included In A Work Package?

  • Time phase and the budget
  • There is need to monitor the project
  • The specification of the work project
  • Resources that are need to complete work

When Would It Be Appropriate To Create A Responsibility Matrix Rather Than A Full-Blown WBS?

In the smaller projects, there is need of the face-to-face communication, the responsibility matrix need to be adequate, there is need to manage the stress.

How Does A Communication Plan Benefit Management Of Projects?

There is need to establish the communication as there are the benefits of the communication plans, there is need to respond on the time so that the timely information can be given and to reduce the confusion and to provide the greater autonomy.

Activity 1

Consider the following set of activities:

Dubai Palm Island Project Report

  • Draw an AON network diagram with ES, EF, LS, LF, D, S
  • Identify the total project duration in workdays

Identify the critical path

Activity 2

Calculate Pert estimate for the following activities

Dubai Palm Island Project Report

Activity 3

You have evaluated your project and have developed the following earned value table from your analysis.

Dubai Palm Island Project Report

  1. Determine the project status by calculating CV, CPI, SV, and SPI for each task and for the project overall.
  2. What is the analysis of how the project is doing from these indicators?

The project has over budget (CPI < 1);

And has a ahead of schedule, (SPI > 1).

Dubai Palm Island Project Report

Find the critical path and slack for each activity.

Develop a Gantt chart for the above network

Dubai Palm Island Project Report


Dubai Palm Island Project Report

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