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Diversity in Organization Example

I faced Issues due to Diversity in Organization, Steps to overcome

The word diversity can sound simple, but the diversity is related to the race, gender, ethnicity, age, group, background, education etc. diversity can involve any type of people, and it could take place when people perceive other as inferior or superior to them. However, diversity can affect on interactions. I also faced diversity myself, when last year I was doing the internship in a company, the company had the different people inside, who always focuses on criticism and never wanted to accept others.

I was the intern in an organization, so I also faced diversity based on the difference, the people there, have some superiority complex, they always give me maximum tasks, and the task they do not want to do by themselves. However, from the supervisor to the boss, everyone has the superiority complex, maybe they think that they have higher education or they are at upper ranks. Not only me but also I met many people there, who were facing the diversity or differences from the years. Moreover, I think of the aspects and it is being analyzed that it is very difficult to cope up with diversity.

Even if the organization have the policies or implementing the diversity laws, then still problems regarding diversity, do not end because the mind of people cannot change, and people are not willing to accept each other. Consequently, there are barriers in the communication due to diverse culture, people in the organizations do not want to admit the diversity because some employees the managers do not react positively, I have seen in the organization where I am working that people are opposition to change. Conflict arsis due to such diversity factors, there could be harassment factors, gender or another type of discrimination, as an intern, I face and see so many relevant issues around me.Diversity in Organization Example

There is a fight in lifestyle and culture differences. In future, I may have to face such circumstances again because people are same everywhere, I did analysis and think of the solutions, however, it is difficult to change the people, but one can change oneself, by showing the personal and professional capabilities, they thinking of others can be changed . There is a need to change own self, rather than others. It needs to accept that everyone is different from one another.

While considering the management theory I reach to a result that there is a need to perform the personal outreach, it is not necessary to take revenge always or to go on a personal crusade, I am thinking to follow some strategies, to make myself calm, when in future I will work in an organization. However, there is need to stand for others, even if they are for any background if any discriminatory incident arises there is a need to feel confident and comfortable and need to help others in different situations. The misunderstood situations can also create the problems, among the people.

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Diversity is the true barrier in any organization and the matter on which people never discuss because they think they are on right and better than others are. However, through communicating regularly with the employers and the other employees, the incidents and the matters can be solved. Moreover, when I will be a manager in future, I will never allow my employees or team workers to do differences, as I will give them training, through raising employee awareness, there will be a proper diverse culture, based on which, differences will never focus and everyone will be given equal opportunities.

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