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Difference between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

For an organization, managing the challenges with usage of knowledge is very important, the tacit knowledge, isDifference between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge based on the common sense and the explicit is based on the academic accomplishments. In the tacit knowledge, the organization deals with the work practices, supervisors teach the team, the leader perform the role as a facilitator, there is creative and flexible thinking, the knowledge is shared like face to face contact and chatting etc. There is motivation for the accomplishment of vision; there is frequent contract with the employees. While in the explicit knowledge the motivation is based on the specific goal, the share of knowledge is through electronic mean, the thinking is based on logical and proven methods (Daniel, 2010).

In short, the tacit knowledge is the action-oriented knowledge while explicit knowledge is the use of people-to-document approach. From the personal experiences, the organization need to focus more on the tactic knowledge, as the workforce, could be managed efficiently in this way, through recognizing the workforce, there could be competitive advantages and company can achieve the goals. There is need to effectively identify the skills of employees, which can only possible through manage tacit knowledge.

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