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Difference Between Research Paper and Journal Paper

Whether you have been attending a university or college or planning to pursue the career in the trading such as medicine, there remains always a chance that you may hear a lot about the “journal papers” and “research papers”.

The two forms of the writing are quite famous ways which are used by the employers and educators for gaining a perspective on the given subject or topic from the students and colleagues.Difference Between Research Paper and Journal Paper

For having the complete knowledge regarding these two, it is important to know the basics of each of them and the difference amid them. So, lets dig deeper and get a glimpse of each form and its use.

Research Paper

The professor history named, Dr. Jane once said that “the design and work are created by your mind, however your mind can’t do it without depending on the wisdom and efforts of other minds”.

This is right as per Jane’s notion. The research papers are considered as a form of the writing, general utilized in academic world by the students in universities or colleges for investigating and doing research on a given topic, which they give a certain conclusion or findings.

Students are encouraged and also need some support for their findings using the facts taken from the reputable references. Typical research papers range 5 to 15 pages in length.

The work of students will get organize in a framework after compilation of all the proper info taken from the various sources. The instructors usually assign these tasks to the students for teaching them how to create balance in the writing skills, and encouraging the structural discipline as well as known formatting.

Moreover, as per the famous research guides for the students, the research papers usually gather the genuine info on the given topic and after then they gather data during the stage of investigation, a student has to sum up giving the concise and clear analysis or disposition.

The research papers use different major kinds of the citation formats like APA, Chicago, and MLA. The paper is provided with the consistent focus, clear research, and gives a deep understanding of the subject or topic while distinguishing the opinions and facts, and is reliable when it comes to findings and conclusion. Most of the times a research paper is also termed as the research project or term paper too.

For sure, most of the research papers have the thesis statements in accordance with the given topic. And, sometimes the students may need to write down any of the two kinds of the research papers given below;

Difference Between Research Paper and Journal Paper

Journal Paper

As per the definition given by the University of Simon Fraser, the journal paper is a piece of writing which is done on a particular topic. Moreover, you can see this usually written by the expert of the field. This type of writing is also known as the peer reviews.

The journal paper is the short writing on the specific topic which gets chiefly published in the periodicals and issues. It may also include the updated info and research regarding some particular topic including latest development, short paper reviewing ideas and reviews on the product or method.

With the journal paper, you can find info, for instance, regarding the recent medicine or the techniques of a certain subject, for example, “latest ways used for eradicating the medicine in 21st century”.

Few other examples of the journal papers include the case studies, peer reviews, scholarly articles, social and scientific science articles. Journal paper are published in the publications after the extensive research done in the corresponding field. The Publication Manual can call journal papers as a way of categorizing the primary literature as well as review articles.

The Differences

Now, an important thing to know here is what is the difference between the two kinds of writing?

  • The major difference amid research paper and journal paper is that you can call journal paper as an article which comprises of few particular criteria. While a research paper is like a sheet of information regarding particular topic.
  • Meaning of the term ‘journal’ means the book in which you can write about the personal thoughts and experiences.

It is an article kind of content which comprises of the particular format where the thoughts are put in form of the words. It works like an experience booklet which gets updated on the regular basis. Journal papers are educational book logs. They can have a pre-defined kind of content which is needed to be monitored accordingly. They are mostly used for the referring purposes.

A journal paper comprises of the desired concentration of the info that can be utilized for the reference. They are also called as the reference books. After going through some particular contents, a content is done in the general form and give the shape of a journal. Journal papers are the particular records which are kept in form of booklets. They are like the periodicals which get published on a specific topic. They have reviews about the other researches and papers.

Talking about the research paper, it is just like a description. It consists of the detailed layout on a particular topic which is presented in form of a paper. It also possesses the related stuff and the explanation of the topic.

  • Journals may also consist of group of research papers arranged in quite systematic way, where each of the paper develops a systematic preview to the reader. Most of these papers together contribute to give a shape to the journal.
  • Most of the research papers are done in a traditional way by the students at college or university, where the work is usually assigned. On the other hand, journal paper is a paper, regarding a topic which has researched or reviewed recently, and written by the experts of some field. Both of these kinds of paper use same kind of techniques, the research papers are done and evaluated by the instructors or teachers.
  • A small difference between two is an extent of references utilized. More often, the journal papers are expected to have the extensive bibliographies, whereas the research paper don’t have an extensive list of references.
  • The research paper doesn’t get published in any of the publications unless it has some reference of how to write a research paper, whereas journal paper is submitted to the magazines or periodicals.
  • A journal paper reviews a current or possible idea and is related to the impact. While a research paper also offers a thesis, however it is not as deep as an actual thesis paper.
  • The lengths and format of two are opposite traditionally. A journal paper can reach up to 15 pages – but usually it doesn’t. while the range of length of research paper is 3 pages to 10 pages. The way of delivering the research paper also looks different as compared to journal paper – including indenting and spacing.
  • At last, a research paper has no authority to present the original research, but it can show empirical data, whereas a journal paper has the explanation for the readers about its original research.

Research Paper and Journal Paper Comparison

Difference Between Research Paper and Journal Paper


Along with the differences amid these writing methods, there remains some similarities too like both of these have concise and clear grammatical structure or formatting along with the conclusions and list of references.

Examples of the differences between two are given below:

Research Paper:

A research paper can have the name of student with date, and name of instructor, everything written on the left side of paper, with the title in center.

Journal Paper:

A journal paper can have a title on the top center of paper. Name of author is written below the title and whole format is kept same like the one in magazine article’s format.

A main difference is the usage of each paper. Research paper is for practical writing while other one is for practicing by the fellow practitioners.

Other than this a research paper is utilized as the method for educating students about how to do writing clearly and efficiently regarding a topic, while journal paper is done for educating the reader about the subject.

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