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Determine the Amount of Phosphate in the Laundry Effluent

Introduction:  Phosphate salts are retrieved from naturally occurring minerals, which are mined, refined, andDetermine the amount of Phosphate in the Laundry Effluent purified for use in many applications. Mostly Phosphate is used in agriculture as a fertilizer.

Sources of Phosphate:

Natural: Weathering of Phosphate-containing rocks is the cause of phosphate entrance in nearby rivers and streams (EEA, 2005).

Anthropogenic: For Phosphate, households and industry are the most significant source. Sometimes agriculture has become the main source of phosphates because of the use of fertilizers and pesticides (EEA, 2005).

Sampling: Laundry effluent Samples were collected from the washing machine using a sterile one liter collection bottle following the final cycle of the laundry load. Five samples were collected; one from each corner of the machine and one from the middle. All these samples were mixed to create a representative sample of the laundry waste before draining it.

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