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Debate On PTAs

Debate on PTAs: Should the U.S. pullout from PTAs it belongs to or planned to, or should it stay in old PTAs & negotiate new PTAs?       

The U.S is the most developed and successful country among the other countries as it has many of the developedDebate On PTAs ways and strategies adopted by it that makes them very much successful and developed as well. U.S country will take a lot of care of the rights that they have established in order to make the atmosphere of the country positive and healthy as well. U.S people also take a lot of care of the rights or rules and regulations which are made for them as they know it very well that they when follow these customs or regulations the t will be very helpful and beneficial for them as well.

In the U.S there is a group made of few people which use the PTA form as part of there organization but treat it as a non-profit organization. This organization is working for saving the rights of the youth of their country and children as well. It is a very old organization which is working for this purpose. It is formatted on February 17, 1897, about 21 years ago. The main purpose of this congress is actually to save the children and youth of their country’s voice and potential level that they wanted to express to the people in reality. This law focuses on combining the families with their youths and small kids in order to understand them and in order to encourage them about having confidence in their future tasks ahead.

They have made the different groups of few people in order to check and balance of different age group of people that how they are behaving with the children living with them. They are connected to the local PTA groups working on a local level and on with international groups of PTAs so in order to keep a look on the working growth and progress of the groups that they have made to work on this project. Each of the member that takes the membership of its local state group of PTA then automatically a part of the local and as well as the international lead chain of the PTA organization. They have a number of affiliated group of units with the headquarter which are actually more than 5 million in total now a day. It mainly focuses on the programs developed for the working on the children of school level and of youth which has just started the high school in their educational life. It also provides training programs to parents to train themselves according to the policies they have made to increase the interaction of the students with the parents. They have made policies on the improvement on the national and international level on the needs that students may or must have in their educational career.

It also focuses on promoting the relationship of families with their kid’s especially small age kids who are in a phase of adopting the good understanding of people and their behaviours with them. Such small age groups need a lot of attention all the time. Otherwise, they may get misleader by any negative aspect. Every local unit can set their own local goals and strategies to work on this mission properly and efficiently with positive results as a must. But they held a meeting on monthly basis to share each group reviews on the progress and on the ideas that what should be enhanced and what not. Its membership refers to the collection of funds needed for this purpose because a single unit of it needs funds to run smoothly and efficiently. The funds are also essential in paying the dues and pays to the permanent members and employees so that they can smoothly run their activities on their local centres and on their international links as well.

Now many of the high schools also have such centres in their schools as well because they use to teach the parents on their school level related to making a very strong relationship with them with their kids. As this increases the efficiency of their student’s study level as well. And the parents are also taking very much interest in this type of effort of this organization.

This effort of PTAs improves very much on the basis of improvement of the relationship of teachers with parents because parents have realized by training programs that what they were lacking in terms of understanding their children and in terms of increasing their potential which is very much helpful for the kids and the youth of their country. It has many of different policies introduced such as public health, school safety, special education, funding for the purpose of education, child nutrition as well. All these policies are also very much important to take care of them because they all are the essential points that can improve the country’s success in future.

The PTA that they have adopted is good enough to put in their country because they are good enough but only the main problem is the implementation of this policy. If it is not implemented properly then it became very much difficult and completely impossible to have positive results of such PTAs. The U.S government is concerned with the issue is already a positive step towards a child-parent relationship.

Mangers are the people who lead an organization in terms of making those organizations successful. Every leader is made of different department he or she is given a different department to lead.

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