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20 Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

Kawaii fashion is the cutest trend ever to follow especially in young teen girls. Kawaii is not only huge in Asia but also in other countries, from kawaii accessories, keychains, stationaries and re-ment figures there is a lot that the kawaii world has to offer its fans. So when you need to gift a present to a kawaii lover you are short of ideas and have no idea where to buy it. Here are some of the 20 awesome cute kawaii gifts and accessories including Asian snacks or Japanese candies that you can buy for your friend or loved one with affordable delivery options!

  1. Rainbow Cloud Pin

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

Pins are versatile accessories that can be added to your denim jackets or your backpacks. So giving someone a pin on their birthday or on special occasion is a great idea. Not only it is affordable but it looks very cute paired, especially the rainbow pin and could be a collectable for some people.

Price: 6.56$ or £5.00.


  1. Kawaii Notebooks

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

When you are looking for a kawaii gift then this Sanrio Japan Little Twin Stars B5 Lined Notebook is an essential and practical gift for your friend. A Kawaii themed notebook is a must have for a kawaii lover friend which is why this notebook is a great idea for a friend.

Price: $4.99.

  1. Pearl Boba Tea Toasty Plush

Cute Kawaii Gifts and AccessoriesPlushies & squishies are the trendiest toys just like boba tea which is not only fun to drink but it’s an extremely instagrammable trend that is taking the social media by a storm. We present to you a Boba tea plushie with a microwavable heated pouch that could be used for rainy days, period cramps or colds!

Price:  $ 25.

  1. Suede Polar Bear Keychain

Polar bears are the fluffiest cutest animals so when there is a kawaii version of it especially with a keychain then nothing gets better than this. Gift your loved one this cute keychain that could be added to geometry boxes or bags!

Price: $ 5.50.

  1. My Neighbour Totoro Retractable Coin & Card Purse

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

Anime has to offer the best kawaii cartoon characters there are in this world and my neighbor Totoro is one of them. A coin and card purse is a must have practical gift in a kawaii person’s collection.

Price: $6.52 or £5.00.

Colours: White or Pink


  1. Vitamin Rectractable Pill Ballpoint Pen

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

A ballpoint disguised as a vitamin pill is one of the cutest kawaii stationary items one can own. Ranging from different colours and emotions where red is happy, orange is blushing, yellow is smooch, green is shocked, blue is winking and pink is yum.

Price: £0.99.

Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Pink


  1. Alpacasso Rainbow Backpack

Awesome Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

A cute backpack is a need for every new term of the school so when there is a special occasion of a friend or a loved around just around the corner of a new school term then this bag is the perfect present! It’s a stuffed toy/bag pack serving the purpose of two.

Price: $ 39.90.


  1. Re-ment Kirby Sweet Tea Time

A mystery blind box collectable figure featuring the adorable Kirby! This particular Rement series is part of the Kirby Sweet Tea Time Collection, offering you eight options such as Apple Tea, Dessert plate, Star au lait, Maxim Tomato Cake, Sponge Cake, Chamomile Tea, Blend Coffee & Tea Pot.

Price: £12.00.


  1. Cute Potato Keychain

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

Cute Potato is a very famous character in the social media so even your friend is not a kawaii fan then they must know this cute potato character. Introduce your non-kawaii lover friends by giving them this keychain, so they may know what kawaii really means.

Price: $ 12.00.


  1. Pocky & Stick Biscuits

Awesome Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

Sometimes you want to treat your friends with Asian snacks on special occasions, but when you are in UK it may be hard to get. Don’t worry UK kawaii fans, Sweetie Kawaii is a cute shop that offers many Asian snacks and Japanese candies – here is your infamous pocky flavours in one stop!

Price: £2


  1. Cat Lamp

Awesome Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

Cute cat lamps like these come in different colours and are controlled by a remote control. Lamps make memorable gifts and make a good decoration piece in your room which is quite practical and can be used daily. Therefore this cat lamp makes an excellent kawaii present!

Price: $19.99.

Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink and Teal.


  1. Cloud Earrings

Jewellery for a present is always been the best gift but giving someone a kawaii jewellery is the best kawaii accessory one can have. The cloud earrings are not only cute but they are the perfect accessories that add fun to your outfit.

Price: $9.51.


  1. Kawaii Candy (Asian Snack)

Chocolates are always a great gift or a present for a birthday or a special occasion therefore a kawaii themed candy is no less than a great present. Here is a tub of vanilla caramel tiny pudding shaped chocolates that are so cute and delicious! Probably the cutest candy ever!

Price: £2.00.


  1. Domokun Domo Plush Pencil Case

Awesome Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

A Domokun themed kawaii collectable is a must and what is better than a domokun pencil case for someone who likes to have cute kawaii stationary items. This Domokun plush pencil case is made from soft fabric that also serves the purpose of a stuffed toy!

Price: £7.


  1. Panda Socks

Well who doesn’t like to be warm in a cold weather, the answer is everyone, that is why cute themed socks are the best presents in winter especially this cute kawaii panda socks for a panda or kawaii lover.

Price: $8.00.

Colour: White or Gray


  1. Kawaii Noodles Sweater

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

There are many kawaii shops that offers clothing from sweatshirts to anime style clothing and this sweatshirt serves the purpose for a kawaii and a ramen eater. Get this high quality sweatshirt and give it away as a great present.

Price: $29.00.


  1. Transforming Ditto Reversible Pokémon Plush Keychain

There are a lot of Pokémon fans out there that will go bananas over this reversible Pokémon character keychain that is fun and interaction and transforms like a Pokémon. Give this keychain to your loved one who are a die heart Pokémon fans on special occasions and make their day!

Price: £7.


  1. Gudetama Lazy Egg Face Pattern Small Mug

Cute Kawaii Gifts and Accessories

For all the gudetama lazy egg fans here is a coffee mug for you to amuse you as you sip your morning coffee. Coffee mugs make a very good present but you can spice it up with a kawaii themed coffee mug that is affordable and will make your loved one happy.

Price: £9.99.


  1. Panda Water Bottle

Awesome Kawaii Gifts and Accessories You Can Buy

If you have a friend who is a panda lover than a panda water bottle is the perfect gift for them. They can stay kawaii and hydrated with this cute panda water bottle. This bottle has 18 oz of liquid capacity with clear plastic.

Price: $24.50.


  1. Re-ment Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends Terrarium

Hello Kitty fans exist in every corner of the world, there is no one who have grown up without knowing this infamous kawaii character. Hello kitty re-ment figures are the best presents for true kawaii friends who likes to collect kawaii products, therefore it makes a great present and it’s worth the price.

Price: £12.00.



Cute kawaii shops and kawaii things will always be a dream of kawaii fan, therefore in this article we have carefully selected these kawaii gift ideas for you to give your loved ones or friends. There are the best kawaii present ideas of high quality and low price such as Sweetie Kawaii who have a lot of variety of kawaii products, Asian candies and Japanese snacks for you to select. These 20 awesome cute kawaii gift ideas will make special occasions more joyous as your friend or loved ones who are kawaii fans will appreciate the thought you have put in their present.

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