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Cultural Stereotypes can be Dangerous

Cultural Stereotypes

I believe that stereotype can be dangerous because it may lead the people to face discrimination. It can lead to discrimination, as there are both the positive and negative attributes. The negative stereotypes is based on the bias and discrimination, there can be the discrimination with the people of the society, as treating the individuals in an unfavorable manner can focused by the perceived differences. The people may have to face the inferiority in the country or nation. Moreover, the negative stereotypes is based on the classification of the certain races or genders as the people can be less skilled  because they do not have the opportunities, stereotype can be related to the gender or ethnicity the people may have the low level of intellectual. The society invests very less on the inferior races, example Caucasians and African-American children have to face the tension. The children may get no education and the employer may refuse to hire workers etc (Stangor & Crandall, 2013).

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