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Consumer Behavior Project on Juices

Fruits and vegetables make an integral part of the healthy human ration. Juices are essential to our diet as they contain vitamins, minerals etc. Juices are prepared by squeezing fruit or vegetable flesh. Manufacturers may also fortify juices with extra vitamins or supplemental nutrients such as vitamin C, and less commonly, vitamins A and E, and beta carotene.

Consumer Behavior Project on Juices


The quality of juices, nectar and juice-based drinks depends directly on the quality of basic raw material – juice concentrate. , Juice concentrate quality is first of all guaranteed by the high quality of feed stock and its quick processing.   Selection of juices is made on the basis of a number of factors such as variety and maturity of the fruit. The fruit contains a number of natural materials that contribute to the overall flavor and consistency of the juice including water, sugars (primarily sucrose, fructose, and glucose), organic acids (primarily citric, malice, and tartaric), and flavor compounds (including various esters, alcohols, ketenes, lactones, and hydrocarbons).

Manufacturers blend juices with different sugar levels together to achieve a desired sugar balance. The final juice product is evaluated for a number of key parameters include acidity, citrus oil level, pulp level, pulp cell integrity, color, viscosity, microbiological contamination, mouth feel, and taste. A sensory panel is used to evaluate subjective qualities like flavor and texture. Lastly during the filling process, units are inspected to make sure they are filled and sealed appropriately.

Fruit juice production procedures involved in fruit juice manufacturing depending on what type of the juice the unit is going to make. Production of fruit juices is a standardized process and initial preparatory processes for all fruits will be similar, as will be the last stages of juice/pasteurization section and packaging, although differences in handling juice composition arise in certain cases due to the nature of the fruit and percentage of vitamin involved.
Cooled fruit juice concentrates are stored in stainless steel containers in the clean dry place at the temperature from 0 to 10°C, protected from direct sunlight, without sharp fluctuations of temperature.



It is the very important and crucial element of marketing strategy as through it the company establishes its image in the minds of the customers. It is done by using different ways of promotion. Advertisement is done through TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines. Advertising slogans are also used that shows features of product. It is also done by conducting the trade shows, concerts, events, sponsor ships, and discounts for sales promotion. For establishing public relations, Sometimes we distributes newsletters, annual reports, calendars and diaries, lobbying, donation for charitable and civic events.



Quality is our most successful product. It is the key to our success, today and tomorrow. There’s no agreement on a definition of product quality, even though it is universally recognized as significant. Quality is a relative term and it varies from person to person due to the personal interests; what one likes, another may dislike. But one thing is common that when an organization fulfills the expectations of the customers through its products then the image that organization is established as a quality-delivering organization. The same case is with our product, it is satisfying the needs and expectations of the customers through its standardized products.

Consumer Behavior Project on Juices

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