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Conflict Management Strategy


Conflict Management Questionnaire

_5___      1. It is easier to refrain than to retreat from a quarrel.

_3___      2. If you cannot make a person think as you do, make him/her do as you think.

_4___      3. Soft words win hard hearts.

_1___      4. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

_5___      5. Come now and let us reason together.

_4___      6. When two quarrel, the person who keeps silent is the most praiseworthy.

_3___      7. Might overcome right.

_4__      8. Smooth words make smooth ways.

_4___      9. Better half a loaf than no bread at all.

_4___      10. Truth lies in knowledge, not in majority opinion.

_3___      11. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

_3___      12. He hath conquered well that hath made his enemies flee.

_4___      13. Kill your enemies with kindness.

_5__      14. A fair exchange brings no quarrel.

_5__      15. No person has the final answer, but every person has a piece to contribute.

_3___      16. Stay away from people who disagree with you.

_4___      17. Fields are won by those who believe in winning.

_4___      18. Kind words are worth much and cost little.

_1___      19. Tit for tat is fair play.

_4__      20. Only the person who is willing to give up his or her monopoly on truth can ever profit from the truths that other hold.

_4___      21. Avoid quarrelsome people, as they will only make your life miserable.

_3__      22. A person who will not flee will make other flee.

_4___      23. Soft words ensure harmony.

_3__      24.One gift for another makes good friends.

_3___      25. Bring your conflicts into the open and face them directly; only then will the best solution be discovered.

_3___      26. The bet way of handling conflict is to avoid them.

_3___      27. Put your foot down where you mean to stand.

_4___      28. Gentleness will triumph over anger.

_4___      29. Getting part of what you want is better than not getting anything at all.

_5___      30. Frankness, honesty, and trust will move mountains.

_3___      31. There is nothing so important you have to fight for it.

_3___      32. There are two kinds of people in the world, the winners and the losers.

_4___      33. When one hits you with a stone, hit him or her with a piece of cotton.

_4___      34. When both give in halfway a fair settlement is achieved.

_4___      35. By digging and digging, the truth is discovered.

Conflict Management Scoring Table

Withdrawal Forcing Smoothing Compromising Problem Solving

_10_   1   __4_   2   __8   3   _ 3__   4   _10_   5

_10_   6   __3_   7   __8_   8   _10_   9   _10_   10

_3__   11   __4_   12   __5_   13   _10__   14   _10_   15

_6__   16   _ 4_   17   __9_   18   __1_   19   _ 9_   20

_9_   21   __3_   22   _10_   23   __7   24   _ 8_   25

_4_   26   __4_   27   _10_   28   _10_   29   _10_   30

_6__   31   __5_   32   _10_   33   _ 8__   34   _10_   35

48   Total   __27_   Total   _60_   Total   _49__   Total   _67_   Total                                                                              

Conflict Management Strategy that Best Explains my Approach to Conflict Situations

It must be noted that for all the conflict management strategies, each of them can be used depending on the type of conflict that occur. But for the purpose of this context, I chose to use the Collaborative Conflict Management Strategy.

Collaborative Conflict Management StrategyConflict Management Strategy

Collaboration conflict management strategy works by incorporating the ideas set out by different individuals. The focus is to derive an inventive solution adequate to everybody. Collaboration, though helpful, requires a significant time responsibility that is not proper to all conflicts. It is obvious that this strategy is synonymous to my conflict management answers to the questionnaire. I try to use this strategy to achieve team goals and maintain cordial relationship among everyone. I have observed that this strategy has helped in solving differences amongst a team-leading to extensive creativity in proffering solutions to complex problems and satisfying both parties concerned.

This strategy is better employed in cases when there is a high level of trust, less responsibility of the leader, others having ownership of solutions, parties involved are ready to change their thinking as a large span of information is found and new ideas are suggested, and the necessity to work through enmity and hard feelings.                                                               

A Conflict in a Personal or Professional Setting

A setting I was opportune to witness was one in which a certain group of individuals decided to embark on a project.They had prepared their plans, developed their feasibility studies, created the system design meant for the operation, and it was time to implement the project. The group was divided into three subgroups that specialize in different aspect in developing the project. The project was going to entail a large funding from an organization.

However, the conflict came in; the team that was to implement the project would definitely have a greater share of the funds got from the organization. The subgroups got into a conflict of which subgroup to implement the project. Eventually, I came into the scene as I was working pass their office hearing their argument about which subgroup should carry out the implementation. Though, I was supposed to lead another department in that organization to carry out a different task. But I had to interfere since we were all working for the organization. They explained the situation at hand to me, I asked for their individual suggestions; they all came up with wanting to implement the project themselves as separate subgroup. I gave them a better suggestion to carry out their task amicably. Consequently, they were all satisfied with my suggestion and they eventually worked together.

Applying my Conflict Strategy to the Situation

Collaborative conflict management strategy was the best technique I have always employed in past times, though it takes a lot of time to achieve and high level of trust for all the individuals involved but it involves a fair play and a high level of wisdom.

A way of applying collaborative conflict strategy to this situation is trying to see the level of the subgroups and understanding which of them is best to carry out the implementation. Once all the subgroups are capable of carrying out the implementation, theneach subgroup members would choose randomly one or two members to represent their subgroup. With this, other members of each subgroup would entrust their totality in the member(s) they had chosen knowing too well that they will all have equal share from the funds got to implement this project.


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