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Comparison of Foreign Policy of USA and UAE

Foreign Policy Of USA And UAE

Introduction Of Foreign Policy

In every country foreign policy is prepared which help to interact the country with other countries. Its basic purpose is the develop such activities and relationships that provide smooth way to meet with other countries and do many affairs at international level. Foreign policies are helping the country to make such policies that support other countries to come and do some beneficial projects for the purpose of country. The development of foreign policy is completely depend on political or state behavior, domestic consideration and advance specific geopolitical designs. It is to be considering that diplomacy is the tool for the foreign policy in any country and its alliance, international trade and war may consider as manifestations of it.

Foreign policies are government strategies that help to provide guidance at international level. Basically, foreign policies are help in explaining all the statements that the leader of any country want to explain to establish any type of relationship with other countries. International relations scholars are much interested in foreign policies and they implement them. Every country has to establish proper functional relationships and organizational structure to made and carry out the policies. Different agencies and officials gather information from many resources and work on a solution to get better results as they conduct meetings for discussion of any issue, sometime attempt private meetings to decide the direction of meetings.

Comparison of Foreign Policy of USA and UAE

IR scholars are very much interested in such type of decisions and meetings to move the direction of policies into successful side. Different countries has different type of foreign policies abut some things are same in all foreign policies like wealth, size and democratic participation in government. Many political scientists try to implement specific state policies with political history and culture.

It is simply clear that the results of foreign policies extract from many forces at different level of analysis. Results depend on the decision of individual decision maker according to government and society at international and global context.

These foreign policies are depending on the realism’s assumption of a unitary state actor at counter level. The study of foreign policies focus on different state forces which main focus on domestic and individual level of analysis. Decision making is the major part of foreign policy process. Government and different decision makers select different actions which taken by state. So decision making is processes which can be alter according to required results and feedback. (Soeze, 2015)

Foreign Policy Of UAE

On 2nd December 1971, the establishment of United Arab Emirates accepts a foreign policy at balance level based on international conventions, dialogue, non interference of country’s internal affairs and commitment to the United Nations charter and settles all disputes through peaceful manner.

The main anchorers of foreign policy at UAE have corporation based relationships with all the other countries. UAE’s stature between recipient states is improved by Substantial development assistance. Many aids for the Muslim countries and Arabs are specified. UAE is member of different organizations at international level like UN and many different agencies like organization of Islamic corporation, IMF, Arab league, World Bank, OPEC, Non aligned movements and Organization of Arab petroleum exporting countries. The UAE believes that the Arab league’s need to be viable institutions and become restructured. And its strengths and interoperability of the GCC defense forces.

Its external relations of forging, the UAE used the approach given by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan so country develops the policies with handle different people, regimes and countries. The president of UAE Sheikh khalifa bin Zayad Al Nahyan which lead the nation and make a role model which show wisdom, temperance and balance without any compromise on justices and supporting the rights of duty which effect the influential humane approach.

The foreign policy of UAE is focus on good neighborliness, non interference in internal affairs and understanding with the amicable resolution of all disputes. The results of these policies are helpful in mutual openness with remaining world. And support different strategic partnerships on different basis like health level, scientific, educational, trade, economic, political, and cultural in many continents and try to making prominent position at international community.  Intensive and effective efforts are the results of successful UAE diplomacy, which results at resolving and containing armed issues and emerging crises in different regions.

It fully support its direct and indirect humanitarian programmes strongly that goes to different regions and countries in case of natural disaster and military conflicts. UAE take part in different fields for reconstruction efforts and peacekeeping missions in the region of post conflict, it shows the effort of country’s keenness to maintain the security and peace at international level and in different regimes. Its most important rule appear in the establishment of regional and international network through UAE foreign policies that combine the country with many other countries. Now UAE develop a successful diplomatic relation with many countries at global level. UAE missions are going to increase at 82 embassies and four permanent missions. (mofa.gov.ae, 2016)

The main principles of UAE foreign policies have diplomacy, compassion and negotiations. States completely meet all its commitments which support the peace, stability and regional security. UAE maintain relations with different countries and try to establish its partnerships and dialogues. UAE government establishes effective foreign policy at balanced level. UAE is very much concern about the fair relationship with different countries and non interference principles with sovereign affairs. They try to settle the disputes and support organizations at international with different conventions and treaties and improve rules of international law.

UAE foreign policy is designed to facilitate with cooperation with Arabian Peninsula. UZAE try to maintain the normalize relationship with exert efforts and Gulf States for settle the conflicts. The government of UAE tries to focus on peace. The UAE foreign policy pays special attention for the All Arab unity issues. UAE pragmatically work for making relationship strong and reach to industrialize and developing countries. Its foreign policy also fights against the terrorism. It supports the international terrorism with the help of exchange information and focus on social and economic issues. That support the recruitment of terrorism, It also fight against money laundering and human trafficking. In case of economic development, UAE is considering as second largest country.

And its main purposes is the create the business development and opportunities related to the economy of country. UAE try to expand its investment opportunities and commercial relations with different countries. UAE gather more robust position as due to its financial center and strong economy.

So the foreign policy of UAE is very much supportive to the economy of UAE and its development opportunities help the country which improves the economic development at national and international level. UAE is most developing and supporting country which provides more and more facilities and opportunities at different international issues and provides full support to different countries which make the relationship with different countries more strong and reliable. (Dubai-freezone, 2018)

The UAE foreign policy is very much supportive and improve the overall economy of country as it provide more opportunities to labor and workers and promote more working or job opportunities for those who come from other countries. But the main thing is that with the improved economy condition, UAE has to promote its education and provide more facilities to get more and latest educational skills from other countries and develop facilities within the country.

Foreign Policy Of USA

The United States foreign policy is very much supportive and helpful in different aspects which provide full support and make strong relationship with different nations and countries. The foreign policy is the interaction with foreign nations and standards with different level of organizations, system citizen with United States and corporations. Its official stated goals include all the offices and Bureaus in the United States departments that support to build and maintain the secure, prosperous and democratic world for the benefit of peoples and community at international level. United states house committee on foreign affairs explain the jurisdictional goals for example nonproliferation of nuclear technology and nuclear hardware, export controls, international commodity, measures to foster commercial interaction with foreign nations and safeguard American business abroad, protection of American citizen at abroad and expatriation and international education. The US foreign policy and foreign aid is much related to critism, praise and debate at abroad and domestically.

As per consent and advice of the US Senate, negotiates treaties with foreign nations that enter into force. The board authority over the armed force. United States brings light and hope to all those needy people in all around the world. American performs their best work in all over the world. But this country also gives pain and problems to many people in many countries. The foreign policy of United States is move to middle path of the country. Many people believe that American values like justice, fair play, democracy, helping hand for needy, hard work, creating opportunities for success , privacy , respect for others  and proper cooperation with others. The middle path of policies moves to high standards. Americans adopt such policies which give them more benefits as compare to others. (porter, 2018)

Their foreign policies are showing a holding hand on other countries as they want their own hold on the economies of different countries. Some important foreign policies are preventing future acts of international terrorism, securing adequate supplies of energy for the US, defending our allies security, preventing the spread of nuclear weapon, promoting the favorable trade policies for the us in foreign markets, helping other countries build democracies, working with organizations like the United Nation to bring about world cooperation, promoting and defending human rights. They want to maintain the goals like maintaining national security, promoting world peace, provide aid, support democracy, and establish open trade. (Gallup, 2017)

The foreign policies of USA are going to change according to requirements of country and need. USA also try to develop such policies which support their economy and fight against many problems which damage the people of usa and their abilities, all those threats that effect the life of people of America must be handle by foreign policies. United states of America want to build good relationship with many countries specially those who have strong economy and foreign investments in major earning countries. So it’s completely depend on the politicians and decision makers in America that with whom they want to maintain good and strong relationship as per their requirements and with those countries they only present good relation in front of other countries but not in real.

The goals of eth foreign policy is included as following

  • Protecting a national safety of the United States
  • Supporting world silence along with a safe worldwide condition
  • Preserving an adjust of energy between countries
  • Functioning with partners to tackle global issues
  • Supporting equitable qualities along with human privileges
  • Additional helpful trade of foreign as well as worldwide association in universal exchange associations

Looking at these objectives nearly uncovers with the purpose of they depend on participation with different countries, in spite of the fact that “saving the national protection of United States” infers conceivable rivalry in addition to strife.

A quickly varying world postures the two difficulties in addition to chances to U.S. United states Foreign Policy agenda looks to comprehend persons difficulties in addition to openings, as well as survey the powers along with elements molding U.S. choice for the foreign policy. The U.S. establishment provides a significant part of the outside approach basic leadership to the administration, yet the governing body has a part during confirming settlements, as well as the Supreme Court translates bargains when luggage are introduced to it. Remote arrangement topics were communicated significantly within George Washington’s goodbye attend to; these incorporated in addition to supplementary things, watching great confidence in addition to equity in the direction of all countries along with developing peace in addition to amicability by means of every one barring both “ingrained abhorrence’s adjacent to specific countries, along with enthusiastic connections for others”, avoiding lasting organizations together through several part of the outside world, in addition to supporting exchange through all countries. These approaches turned into the premise of the Federalist Party during a 1790s. In household legislative issues, foreign policy isn’t normally a focal problem. Many “birds of prey”, supporter for war, connected a Neoconservative development in addition to begin at the bottom of a Republicans particularly Reagan in view of outside strategy. Trump has various associates giving exhortation on remote arrangement. Help is viewed as a fundamental instrument of U.S. outside approach. There are four noteworthy classes of non-military remote help: reciprocal advancement help, financial help supporting U.S. political and safety objectives, philanthropic guide, in addition to multilateral financial commitments. Joined States remote arrangement additionally incorporates undercover activities to topple outside governments that have been against the United States. Joined States outside approach is affected through the endeavors of the U.S. administration to manage imports of unlawful medications, as well as drugs, methamphetamine, in addition to cannabis. These events were more than once utilized through Congress, by means of changing achievement, to influence U.S. remote approach towards the incorporation of Human privileges apprehension. The efforts of the U.S administrations that controls the different types of drugs which include the, for example hero.


The basic purpose of foreign policies of any country is to develop relationships with many other countries, with this foreign policies provide help and support in all international matters where other countries also play their role and perform their responsibilities with all helping tools. Foreign policy of any country must be alliance with the political, economic and social issues of the country so it promote to maintain good relationships with other countries and develop all type of healthy relationships like business, education, health etc.

Foreign policy of the United States is the interactions between the nations of the foreign and tells us how we set the standards of eth interactions for an associations, corporations as well as citizen of the United States system. Goals of the Foreign policy of the United States are stated as officially that includes all types of the different office as well as Bureaus. The department of the foreign policy agenda states that maintain along with build great self-governing which is protected along with wealthy for the benefits of the American people and the community of the international level. Policy of the U.S foreign has been the subject of the great dispute. To explore the idea of foreign policy of United States, the intelligent source is a State Department, whose activity it is in the direction of characterizes along with guide it.

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