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Comparison Between Genres of Laboratory Report and Literature Review

There are outstanding differences that can be seen between the genre of literature review in hospitality, my major, and the genre of laboratory report. The first contrasting trait between the two traits is seen in the definitions of the two genres. The following contrasting trait is contained in the format of the genres where we look at the introduction of each genre, the organization of the body as well as components of the body and then conclusions and appendices (when they are to be include) (“Duke University | Thompson Writing Program”). This work is going to look at two genres that is, literature review and laboratory report, and then try and come up with comparisons between the two genres with one being my major.Comparison Between Genres of Laboratory Report and Literature Review

Literature review, in the context of my major which is hospitality is that it is an analysis of various segments of the published body of knowledge, such as educational journals and books on hospitality, via summarization, comparison with research studies done before on the topic that is currently being handled, classifications that are contained in the research and the topic, theoretical articles and the reviews of literature. Laboratory report, on the other hand, gives a formal record that is taken from and after an experiment where the objectives of discussion, the procedures of the experiment as well as the results of the experiment are given a priority and as thus ought to be specific to the extent that the interested readers are in a position to replicate the experiment that the laboratory report is on.

Other than the introduction, the two genres are quite different in terms of their formats. The laboratory report has a distinct format and structure compared to literature review where the main sections are introduction, body and conclusion. In a laboratory report, the format entails an abstract, an introduction, the methods and procedures, the results coupled with the discussions and then a conclusion that is followed with an appendix. When writing a literature review on hospitality, the introduction tends to explain the importance of the study and as thus the importance of the literature review as it comes up with central claims concerning the current nature of the literature. The conclusion on the other hand summarizes the various contributions to the field of hospitality, elaborates the flaws in the research, situating the literature that is reviewed into a larger context of hospitality before suggesting probable future areas good for study.

In hospitality literature review tends to answers questions that are asking how the sources are similar in line with the methodologies, the claims they make on hospitality as well as the interpretation of the evidence and their reliability. The aim of a literature review as thus includes trying to find out whether there are gaps that are existing in the research or the areas of the research that still are researchable. The other aim would be to find out whether there are given issues and problems with the research topic that are standing out and therefore, determine whether the motive is to major on a particular issue or question or just generalize.

What determines the content of both the literature review and the laboratory report is the topic. In the case of the literature review, the topic of the research is what guides the sources that are considered in the literature. In laboratory report, an experiment is what controls the entire report as it is what the report addresses all through from the abstract and introduction to the conclusions and appendices.

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