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Comparison Between Christianity Judaism and Islam

The table shows the comparison between Christianity Judaism and Islam




The founder is the Jesus Christ from (c. 4 B.C. – 30 A.D) The fonder of Islam is Mohammed (PBUH)

From 570 – 632 A.D.

The founder of Judaism is Abraham; he is the first Patriarch from (c. 1800 B.C.)
Christianity has the three main groups Orthodox, Protestants and Roman Catholic. In Islam there is concept about Sufi, it is the mystical movement. There are two major groups “Shia” and “Sunni”. They both believe on same God; however, there are conflicts from some Islamic perspectives. There are several divisions in Judaism, the divisions are Hasidic, Reform Judaism and Conservatives etc.
Origin of name
Christianity comes from the Greek word “christos” “anointed” it is referred to the Jesus Christ. Islam is derived from an Arabic word, which means “Submission”. The word Salam in Arabic means the Peace. The word Judaism is come from the Hebrew. Yehudim “Judah”.
The followers or believers of Christianity are Approximately 2,200 million. The followers or believers of Islam are Approximately 1,500 million. The followers or believers of Judaism are Approximately 14 million.
They believe on one God, who exists in three distinct people, the father, the son and the holy spirit. They believe on One God, He has no father no son and He is alone. They believe on One God known as “Yahweh” or “Jehovah”.

Israel says; The Lord is God and the Lord is one.

Holy Books
The holy book of Christianities is Bible, which is given by the God to man. The Christians follow their book, as it is the message from their God. The holy book of Islam is Quran; Quran is written in Arabic. They believe that Quran is a gift of their God, which was given to their prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and it completed in 20 years. The holy book is Hebrew Tanakh, it is similar to the Christian old testament concepts, and the book is the comprised form of Torah.
Original Language
The original language of Christians is Aramic and Greek. The original language of Muslims is Arabic. The original language of Jews is Hebrew.
They believe on death, and they believe that after death, there will be answerable about their deeds to God. They also believe on after death answer question from their God. They believe the day of death is already decided by their God. Like other religions Jews are not much concerned about after death matters, they believe on punishment, but do not stress on it like other religions.
They have the priests, minister, pastors etc, to whom they believe and discuss about matters regarding their religion. Muslims talk to Imams, they think imams can help them in various matters. They follow rabbis and do consultation with them.
They believe on writing of Church fathers. They believe on Hadith; is the “saying” of their profit. They believe on “Talmud” it is oral traditions interpret the Tanakh.
They believe on Baptism, Holy Communion, Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. They believe on Shahdah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj. They believe on Barmitazvah, Shabat, siddur etc.
Hell is a place of everlasting punishment. There will be fire in Hell, and there will ranks of hell. They believe on temporary punishment.
Heaven will be given on one good deed, eternal heaven. Heaven will be given on one good deed, the paradise. There will be heaven or no life after death.
Salvation can be achieved, through keeping faith on Jesus Christ. Salvation can be achieved, through doing good work. Salvation can be achieved, through doing good work and pray to God.
Adam rebelled against God, and Jesus Christ was atoned for the sins of people. All human are born sinless, their weakness towards their religion, lead them to do sin. They rejected original sin, and they seek forgiveness from God.
Places of Worship
They do worship in Church or Chapel. They do worships in Mosque (Musjid). They do worships in synagogue or Temple.
Adherents Called
They are called as Christians. They are called Muslims. They are called as Jews.
They are Trinitarian monotheism. They are strict about their religion so they are strict monotheism. They are strict about their religion so they are strict monotheism.
Religious Laws
They follow Canon Laws. They follow Sharia. They follow Halakhah.
Main Locations
The main locations of Christians are Europe, South America, North America and Africa. The main locations of Muslims are South East Asia and Middle East. The main locations of Jews are USA, Europe and Israel.
Day of Worship
Christians believes to worship on Sunday; they think, worship on Sunday will bring happiness. Muslims believes Friday is the biggest day from other days of week, as in history and in Quran, there are many blessings, which can be earn by worshipping on Fridays. Jews believe that Saturday is the day, when they can worship to God; they think Saturday is the day of blessings.
Second Coming
Christians believes that there will be second coming; second coming is affirmed. Muslims believes that there will be second coming; second coming is affirmed. Jews believes that there will be no second coming; second coming is denied.
They believe on Prophet Jesus, as written by their God in Bible. They believe on Muhammad (PBUH) that he is the last Prophet, as written in their book Quran. They believe on Prophets as written in the Hebrew Bible.
Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, he is the savior of the world and he is the word of God. Muslims believe that Jesus is the Prophet of God, and his message was corrupted. Jews do not believe on Jesus, they say, Jesus was a false Prophet.
Jesus Christ Mission
He is the man of God and his death was sacrifices for the humankind, as he sacrifices for sins of people. They believe on Jesus Christ, as a Prophet of God, however, they believe the book given to him, was corrupted by the people and alteration was done in that book. They do not believe on the mission of Jesus, as they rejected the idea of Jesus Christ.

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