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Communication Services in Mountain Bell Telephone Company

Mountain Bell Telephone Company

Awareness And Usage Of Competitive Telecommunications Equipment

There are many departments, which are still using the non-bell voice communication services. The bell company provide these services in many companies and serve various times as a monopoly, however, it was often used by the general public, hospitals, and other institutions but the U.S. Justice department has broken up the system so the companies could not use it, there may be female voice, which us behind the telephone. There are many benefits of the system, as not so many workers have to pay attention to a call, they just start recording, it saves the time of the employees, and customers can also be benefited from various department .

Use Non-Bell Data Terminals

There are many departments, which uses non-Bell data terminals (CRTS), computer department is famous for using such terminals, as there are many benefits, the record can be kept, the computer industry has realized the importance of non-Bell data terminals because the work can be easily done and they are affordable. Tasks can be done easily through considering it; it is a telecommunication service that can serve in various ways and to various companies, distance calls can be easily made. non-Bell data terminals (CRTS)

Communication Services in Mountain Bell Telephone Company

Capabilities Of Bell System Voice Communications 

There are many benefits if the Bell System voice communications, as to meet the hospital, companies or operation needs the system can give the guidance, emergency biochemistry test can be obtained, however, laboratory staff can also be benefited, the computer wards terminals can tell about the medical admissions. Moreover, while operation; the emergency blood can be required as the system is efficient to promote the communication process. The Bell System voice communications has higher quality, fast and reliable. 24/7 hours services can be given to the customers, there could be conference calls and there is voice mail integration, voice-recording services etc.

Bell System Data Terminals Records And Information Retrieval Needs

The Bell System data terminals are very useful in the modern world, many companies can grow through suing the system; the system is reliable and can meet the needs that are required, however, the system is very fast, maintain the privacy. It can transfer the call, the call can be put on hold while doing important tasks, there could be the customize messaging and fax interface is there. The companies can save and send the relevant data to the other companies or the customers, the customers can also be satisfied through using the software, as there can be a satisfaction through calls.

Mountain Bell’s Main Strengths And/Or Weaknesses In Hospital’s Overall Telecommunications Needs

The mountain bell’s weakness in the hospital was as the company gets the customers knowledge however, the company failed to manage the information because there was the lack of information, the company also lacked the strategies and the products, which were used by the competitors. Moreover, the advantages were there, the company developed the effective communication and training sales strategies, the company was more customers oriented.

Standard Procedure For Selecting And Authorizing A Telecommunications Purchase

The telecommunication services need to be advance and give the best services, it must have the latest technology; based on new software, the company needs to be authorized by the government and the company and employees need to have the detailed license, which is specific to telecommunication or ICT. The company need to follow all the regulatory condition and should be under the laws and regulations.

Input On The Telecommunications Decision

Telecommunication decisions are important for the organizations. The telecommunication system needs to be made the administrator or the administrative bodies, as there is need of timely responses and all the functions are under the administrative decisions, so the telecommunication system should also be decided by the department. They should have the access to the customers, and it is their responsibility to incorporate with the health department, physician or manager etc.

Evaluating A Potential Telecommunications Purchase 

There is need to focus on all the aspects, as the companies or authorities have the responsibilities of the clients or the customers while making the decision about the potential communication, everything needs to be considered for the effective. The process needs to consider because the cost can also serve in many ways to help the customers, the decisions are needed to be making in the given budget. The budget if saved can be utilized in many other favorable conditions, the processes need to be effective, however, and the price should be concerned.

Supplier Information Is Most Important In Facilitating The Purchasing Decision

To choose the supplier decisions can be the most important or effective decisions, for the effective sales, it needs to understand the customers and the suppliers. The product or telecommunication process should be advanced and able to give the advantages or the benefits to the customers and the organization, in this case, the supplier need to understand what organization needs. However, Mountain Bell’s are effectively managing the customers, as they have understood the value of the customers and their products.

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