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Colorado vs Mcknight Case Study

People Of Colorado Vs. Mcknight

Understanding Of The Facts

The facts in this case were that the people of Colorado are very much became addict of using drug addictive’s in their regular use of their daily routine lives. Actually there is a huge discussion is running among the people and among other higher authorities department that people are now a day getting very much addict of using drug pills and other stuffs that have drug particles in it. People not only of old ages but also of young ages are very much become addictive of the drugs especially of the use of marijuana because it does not seems to be a drug in the start. However, gradually when it became compulsory for the user to use it then it became a drug for the user.

Marijuana drug is considered very much dangerous for the health as it effects directly towards the stomach and lungs of the user. A person name McKnight was badly named and known in this situation. For many times he is caught by the police of Colorado that once, he was caught with a person smuggling marijuana illegally the truck was driving by the person named as McKnight. McKnight was caught and accused of the crime after complete investigation that this person is also involved in this crime but before he was not claiming it because he knows this that, this is a big crime in the Colorado.

Colorado vs Mcknight Case Study

Marijuana is as dangerous for the people as someone takes poison to kill him or herself slowly. This drug is called as the slow poison for the people because it does not kill the person at once it first damages the lungs of the person then to any other body’s internal part soon the person gets kill or it became incurable that it became a burden towards the family members of the affected person.

Analyzing Case Problems

The problems were too many that the drug is very much dangerous for the person who uses it regularly and as well as it damages its body parts and decreases its efficiency and mental level as well. This problem is very much spread among the youth that they are decreasing their mind levels and they are lessening their deficiency in studies and other activities as well. Young people becoming weak, dull, and very much slow as well in order to take a lot quantity of drugs in their body. The problem occurs when many people were suddenly getting addict by this and they are admitted in hospitals more than before. Suddenly a great amount of people is admitted in hospital due to the reason of drug addiction seriously marijuana. It was found more among the young and it was the common drug in all patients. People Sue on the people who are responsible for making the people healthy and people make them responsible with the government as well.

Rules And Legality Of Case

The case was that how could they allow the marijuana to come in the Colorado because the crops of any kind of drug is illegal in the country. Therefore, whatever the drug is coming it is coming from any outside resource. They must take serious notices on the issues that what is the actual way that allows the incoming of the drugs in the country. The rule says that it is illegal to grow this crop here and the rules are related to this that it is banned in the country. The case consists of many hearings, it consists of the facts about the loss of using drug marijuana by the people, all the hearings consist of the facts by the people, and it is considered in the hearings that which are the path who is allowing the incoming of the drug in the country.


Summing up all the facts, rules and after analyzing all the important aspects of the case we can say that people were right about the concern. They were right that this drug is making the youth or kids dull, weak and unintelligent as well. Kids are getting weaker and weaker on daily basis and they are losing their strength of doing any curricular activity as well. People are trying to stop the kids but they do not know that wheat is their addiction that this could not be possible for them to leave the drug.

If this issue cannot be solved properly then it could not be able to keep your kids fit and healthy. The growth of the crop of put sun from which marijuana is made is totally banned in the Colorado but still it is being smuggled from any outsource so that it profits that smuggler very much. The case was related to all the essential and important aspect that how we should stop this so that we can save our kids from getting dead and weak as well. (Leagle.com, 1980)

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