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Cochlear Implant Treatment

Cochlear Implant Treatment for Hearing Loss

There are many benefits associate with cochlear implant treatment. A cochlear implant is a device having two parts that help in the restoring all parts of hearing for an individual. Following are benefits provided by this implant for people.

Hearing improvement

It will help improving the hearing of the deaf child. It is important to note that certainty of improvement is notCochlear Implant Treatment given in this implant. After receiving this surgical treatment, people reported improvement in their hearing. Ability to hear is necessary for living in this type of society. A deaf person cannot live happily in the society. He faces difficulties in understanding people. It does not provide 100% sounds hearing but it provides the ability to understand and hear what is necessary for understanding (Hearingsolutions.ca, 2014). It will provide an ability to children to communicate with others. Children can easily adjust in the society after having a cochlear implant. It provides an ability to spend the functional life. It is better to use it in early ages because children recover their hearing abilities with the passage of time. Its benefits are more in early ages as compared to older ages.

Children can attend school

Deaf people require sign languages and special schools for them. It differentiates them from other people. Cochlear implant helps children to regulate in schools easily. It provides the ability to understand and communicate with others. Special schools have costs associated with them as compared to other schools. Cochlear implant helps in reducing heavy cost of attending special schools. Children can easily learn new things and attend schools like regular children. It enhances their learning ability. It helps in improving their capabilities to learn faster and easily just like regular children. So, deaf children can better learn and avail opportunities of life after having this treatment.

More opportunities

It provides opportunities to children in early ages. They can easily interact with the society and their friends. They can easily attend schools. They can communicate easily with friends and family members. After better education, they can easily select their careers. They have the opportunity to select from multiple career choices after getting the proper education in schools. After getting this treatment, people have better opportunities to enjoy their life fully. They can enjoy every moment of their life just like healthy a person. They can enjoy the facility of music and television in their free time (Occupytheory.org, 2014).


It is safe and hearing implant can provide intimation to the danger situations to the people. They can easily detect dangerous situations like car accidents, construction sites etc. Other people cannot use their hearing inability to provide them damages. After receiving the cochlear implant, children can understand their good and bad. They can also detect dangerous situations.

Understand without lip reading

Deaf people understand the wording of others through their lip reading. A cochlear implant provides them an opportunity to understand and capture the words instead of reading lips. It makes communication easy for them. It is recommended to use it in early age for children to provide them better opportunities for life.

Cons of Cochlear implant

Expensive and Unfamiliar Sounds

There are cons of the cochlear implant, as the families, who do not have the adequate resources or money, cannot afford cochlear implant. However, some of the insurance companies may be able to cover the cost but other may not able to afford it. There are the issues related to the sound, the sound is not the same as with the cochlear implant, as in real. Unfamiliar sounds can be harder to understand, especially for the adults.

Physical Activity Limitations

The people or the users may have to suffer the limitations in the physical activities, example, the water exposure can damage the implant, so swimming or other water sports are restricted. There are complications in the physical activities.

Risks and Maintenance

There is the risk associated with the device can damage the ear or face, there is a need to do research before taking a solid decision. However, the maintenance is required, there is the need to change the battery timely, there can be other environmental hazards that can affect the cochlear implant.

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