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Civil Aviation Department Questions Answers

Civil Aviation Department

Considering The Daily Operations Of A Civil Aviation Department Which Management Function, Do You Think The Department Manager Will Find Him/Herself Devoting The Most Time To? Why?

Pakistan Civil Aviation Department is the department for controlling our Airport matters and aspects of that department it is a public sector department, which serves the public his services of international and national visits. It is established on December 7, 1982. Managers in Aviation department are the base of this department’s success. They are the main center of the airport. They are the decision makers and policy makers of the airport department.

The primary responsibility of airport manager is to maintain the security and safety of the airport and he/she must have to devote much of his / her time in this department specifically. Their basic tasks are to deal with noise controlling, emission testing on the tracks and Airport equipment management. A manager must be a multidisciplinary person who can deal with all aspects of airport management, which are considered the essential problems of the department.

Civil Aviation Department Questions Answers

Perform A Web Search For Corporate Operators Finds One That Has Information On Its Daily Operations. Access Their Plans For On-Demand Operations. Post Your Thoughts On The Company’s Operation.

Flight operators in the Aviation department are the real backbones of that department. The main task is obviously the flight operation, which is also most difficult and sensitive as well. A corporate operator shared his view with us that when he is going to start his flight he first take a look at the runway than to the plane’s parts are they properly working or not, the fuel availability is up to the mark or not. All these points are must to be checked before the take-off of the flights. These all aspects are related to the customer’s safety and reputation of the company as well.

According to my opinion, the company had a very delegate strategy for flight operations because they concern very much for the public safety and the name of the company matters with this directly as well. This makes the trust of the passengers towards the organization. People try to take these company’s flights repeatedly. Moreover, suggests other also for that organization.

What Type Of Operation Does FAR Part 121 Pertain To And Why? Does This FAR Cover These Operations? Are There Any Restrictions On Operations That You Would Impose To Increase Safety?

FAR part 121 pertains to flights with the customers who paid a high amount of fare for their visits.  These routes are specifically designed for some specific routes that are for some specific person as well. This part gives the routes according to the pilots. Pilots make their flights routes by their own choice. This task was assigned to them by their higher authorities. The plan is also of the special kind referred to some specific and limited seats are available in these types of planes. (Houston, 2017)

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