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Characteristics of the Digital Labour Market

Economic and Social Changes in Worker Status

The Introduction

The economic and social changes and technical prosperity made the main changes in the work process that leads to essential changes in worker status. The last change in the work process is digitalization. In theory, the digitalization is famous as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The main consequence of the digitalization is the appearance of the digital economy and digital labour market. If we want to understand the workers status in the digitalization process, we should observe new phenomena that are the main consequences of this process. Therefore, the main research question in this paper is: What are the main characteristics of the digital labour market? To answer this question, we will try to define the digital labour market characteristics in European countries and the origin and development of this labour market in Serbia. We will observe the role of social actors, especially trade unions, in the protection of workers rights at the digital labour market, as well. Also, we will perform comparative analyses of the digital and traditional labour market whit accent on workers rights.

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