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Role of Cartoons and Photographs in Telling a Story


Cartons and photograph are very mistrials aspect of telling a story. Photography is the process and or the art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces through the action of the chemical of lights or of other forms of the radiant energy such as X-rays and or cosmic rays. Photographs are critical, and pictures do acts to tell a story or the past of a given moment with a split of a second. Cartoons and photography alike Photography helps in capturing anything that one feels is important to remember. One photograph is often compelling enough to not only the mind but reminds one of an event or details. In other cases, photos do bring back to the feelings, sound and even the smell of a moment that is in the past. Photography acts to tell the story or a situation (El-Annan et al., 2017). On the other side, cartons are often used in telling a story or an occurrence in a hilarious or in a hidden manner. Most cartons are often used in telling the story in a whole hilarious way. Both a cartoon and photography depicts a full new understanding of a story to the audience in a specular way without necessarily using words. 

The role and significance of Cartoons and photography are unmatched. Cartoons and photography is an art, and it is used as an expression of creativity and imagination of the human mind. For others, photography is a means of appreciating nature and its value. Photographs play one of the most crucial role on the process of advertising and marketing. Cartoons and photography is also used in the perseveration of memories (Zappavigna et al, 2016). This is because they tell a story. As it is often said, one picture is worth a thousand words; photographs do tell much about the past. Photography can be used to influence and impact the way something is done or how people behave. Lastly, photography is a way of meetings for new people (Hariman & Lucaites, 2016).

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