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Canada Cultural Analysis Summary

Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Canada

Major Elements of Culture:

The culture in Canada embodies, artistic, humor, musical, political, social etc. Thorough out theCanada Cultural Analysis Summary history of Canada the culture, has been influenced by the Europeans culture. In the Canada population there are number of immigrants population, there is multi-culture in Canada, the federal government emphasis on the social importance of immigration.

  • Traditions:

The tradition is heavily influenced by the surroundings; the French and the British have influence on the country indigenous. The people of Canada are welcoming; handshaking is very common in them, they great very warmly to each other’s, they have the best quality wine, which is part of their tradition. They like to give personal space to each other’s (Brittanyleefries, 2009).

  • Society:

Canadians are proud of their unique identity, because they live in second largest country; Canadians are very much community-oriented, the social gathering takes place in homes and restaurants. They have so many festivals every year, they loves to celebrate for every little and big thing, the society, love to help or accommodate the surrounding.

Dimensions of Culture:

There are many dimensions in the Canadian culture.

  • Masculinity:

In most of the countries importance are given to the men, as societies are male dominant, however, in Canada there are equal rights for men and women, there are very modest and caring, values for the women.

  • Individualism:

Everybody is free to do what he/she wants too; freedom is given to every individual. Everybody look after at his/her own self; they believe in collectivism, they are integrated in the form of groups.

Nature of the Political Economy and Economic Development of Canada

Political Economy:

In the political economy, the politics is concerned to the social welfare, the society can make the social decisions, there are the ethical standards for the community, and the policies are made for the welfare of the society.

  • Perfect Market:

There is the perfect market in Canada, the implemented policies is with the perfect and detailed information, the country has expanded its consumption possibilities, there is free trade based on the majority rules. The social preferences are considered, there is approach of social welfare, and the allowances are given to nationals, based on fairness.

  • Voting Cost:

The political market has preferences for the population, the information about the cost is given, the consumers are well aware about the changing like increasing or decreasing in the prices.

Economic Development:

The economic growth in Canada, is fairly solid, in the case of recession there is the reservation of employment and unemployment flaws, the growth is strengthen, towards the export and investment for the country (Oecd, 2014).

  • Monetary Policy:

The monetary policy, it is expected to increase in the consumer price inflation to near, 2%, the prices of household debts are growing day after day, and there is the efficient government involvement to ensure the taxpayers.

Implications for US Businesses that wish to conduct business in Canada

U.S Business in Canada:

To compete with the Canadian business environment, there is need to have the full information, about the manufacturers, suppliers, customer and business partner, etc. one need to have the full information about the current situation of the market, regarding competitors and the policies.


There is requirement of visa and passport, the employment letter have the requirements, which is needed to be complete by one who want to do business.

Business Visitors:

The business visitors, should conduct business on temporary basis, they also have to follow all requirements if they want to visit the market of Canada.

SWOT Analysis and FDI Analysis

SWOT Analysis:

The strength of Canada is multiculturalism, which promote the cultural tolerance and modernization. The weakness is the cultural and religious groups; there are conflicts between the groups. Opportunities are the attracting talent, which are sources of competitive advantage for the country or nation and the threats liberal values, challenging existing national identities (Ng & Bloemraad, 2015).

FDI analysis:

In Canada, from last past decades, the FDI is significantly drooped its shares, however, it is still attract the people of new era, the business environment is competitive, to attract FDI they are more consistent about the competitive environment, especially in the case of telecom and air transportation (Conferenceboard, 2016).

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