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Campbell and Alsaffar LLC Company Report

Campbell & Alsaffar LLC

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Five Years Sales Projection

Campbell and Alsaffar LLC Company Report

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Campbell and Alsaffar LLC Company Report

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Campbell and Alsaffar LLC Company Report

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure is considered the know how of the activities in order to perform in the organization to run its working processes smoothly and efficiently. An organization runs smoothly when it follows all the norms and cultures maintained by the seniors of the organization in order to keep the organization in good progress. An organization runs by many of the peoples combine effort because it cannot be possible for a single person to run the entire organization. Organizational Chart is considered efficient and precise according to the strategies made by the board of directors by following that organization moves steadily and successfully.

An organizational structure depends on the working of the workers in the organization. Every organization has some goals and aims that need to be fulfilled by its employees in order to maintain its successive graph on high level. My company is a manufacturing company as we are dealing in making a mug for coffee, which the user can use in traveling to keep its coffee hot, and as well, its taste keeps according to the actual taste he wanted to maintain as he or she made it in the start.

We are going to make it according to the French crockery making technology that keeps it hot and safe as well according to the taste. Out product will allow the customers to use it with complete trust and reliability and all the stuff used in this type of manufacturing is of the highest quality and efficiency with goal achieving ability and target completing qualities as a must. Organizational structure’s success depends on the working of the members leading the organization.

Implementation Steps Of The Plan

The plan was to make a travel coffee mug for the ease of the people and making them comfortable in order to make them relax that they can take their coffee at any time whenever they wanted to have it even without having it cold and the taste should remain same. Our product will facilitate the users in terms of having a good quality product for them to use. Plans and targets are achieved when the members of the organization takes interest very much seriously and can be able to work in high pressure as well.

Targets will became successful when they are implemented with appropriate strategies because sometimes it happens that whenever you try to implement something in your organization but you make something wrong strategy so it became very much difficult for the organization to achieve the required target on required time as well. it is very important to get the target on time because if the time passes of the target then it became useless to do  the work. The improper timing work mostly became useless if you cannot be able to get that target on time as well.

Plans are made according to the current situations and according to the working criteria’s of the organization. It depends on the employees and on the higher department of the organization that how, they control the workers and how they managed the implementations of the work under their supervisions. If the supervisors are efficient and good then they can easily work under pressure and lead to their juniors good motivate them, well and make them able to achieve the targets set for daily basis to be done. If daily basis target cannot be achieved by any organization then that organization should improve its working criteria.

Evaluation And Control

The process of formation of the product should be analyzed properly and efficiently as the process is the most important and sensitive matter of the organization if the product will no longer made according to the proper functioning then it became useless to do the efforts to complete it on time. The working process should be evaluated time to time because they need to get addressed on timer and as well they should be checked properly sand efficiently as well. If there is any issue in the formation of the product then it must be checked on time before it became too long to resolve it.

As we are going to make travel, coffee mugs so we should take care if this that the material we are going to use in its manufacturing is should be up to the mark. The quality of material should be original because this quality will improves the level of customer interest and trust towards our product. Our product is some kind of unique product because it is going to help and facilitate the customers not only in keeping their tea or coffee hot for a long time with actual taste and as well it helps people to make their coffee as well whenever they wanted to make it.

Evaluation and manufacturing process should be made strong and efficient but it should be controlled from over working and it should not be utilized in any wrong manner because if it gets disturb then it affects the working capacity of the organization and as well as it affects the rapid growth rate of the organization. Our travel coffee mug should be made on such high scales that it cannot be considered any wrong in terms of having a bad material or any type of bad material usage in it. If we compensate on our quality then we will lose our customers satisfaction towards our product.

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