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Business School Admission Essay Example

We say the mother of creativity is necessity. I think that this is true. There is a possibility that being a businessperson is not I skill that I was born having but rather instilled. Many kids have to wait up to high school or higher levels to understand their interest. Well, that was not me. It took me only seven years of my life to understand that I could succeed in business. When I was seven years old, and at primary school, my classmates had pocket money. I was not that lucky, and I only had money for breakfast. This made me think of ways I could earn pocket money. It dawned to me that cartoon sticks were popular among my classmates. So using my breakfast money, I would buy cartoon sticks and later sell them to my classmates. This way I was at par with my classmates.

From that tender age, I was certain that business was my interest. My family has not been fortunate and y parents have to struggle to bring my siblings and me up. That is why, when I was growing I had to come up with other ideas that would assist me to raise money for my upkeep. Despite my tender age, I would have a business venture that in most cases would lift a portion of the burden of my parents. In accordance to this, I have had to work in various places. At times, I have had to assist my employer to make business decisions concerning their business. One of my employers, when I was working part time, told me that if I concentrated on my studies I would be excellent in business. To date, I take the utterances of my employer seriously.

Business School Admission Essay Example

Despite having prior knowledge that I need to attend business school, the sentiments of my employer did confirm that. Another attribute that I have is that of perseverance I wanted to become a businessperson, which had the meaning that I had to access business education. My parents were under financial constraints, and I had to assist them soon. The only way that would be possible was by going to school and improving on my business skills. That way I would join a large company and work as their business consultant. After a short period, I wanted to start my own businesses since I was certain that I could succeed. That is why am currently seeking admission that will assist me realize this dream, and after some research, this is the ideal school for me.

My father always told me to find who I was and maintain that. At that point, I was sure that I was a businessperson. That is why I had to quit a part time job at a restaurant. There was a conviction inside of me that I should join a business school, and pursue my goals. After joining PCC UNA-USA Student Alliance clubs, which have chocolate selling activities, I did learn to make more for the club, and myself through selling chocolates. The more I would sell chocolate, the more I grew an interest in business. This is the reason am pursuing a course that will lead to certification of my interest. Am sure that I will through this education, I can become better and that this profession can allow me to assist my siblings and parents.

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