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Bunker Hill Community College Admission Essay Example

Admission Essay to Bunker Hill Community College

I believe that knowledge and learning are extremely vital in today’s modern world.  In the year 2009, I arrived in the United States from Albania in search of the knowledge. Together with my husband, we came to this great land and we had to cope with the new changes. This included adapting to a new culture, learning a foreign language, as well as living a different way of life. Most of the help we received came from our own determination despite having a few relatives in the country. The internet played a vital role in finding information regarding various school as well finding suitable jobs. A lot of effort was put into ensuring that we worked tirelessly in order to find money to pay bills. Though we missed our friends and family, we had to adapt by thinking of our future success.

I was able to gain admission to the prestigious Bunker Hill Community College and in turn, learnt many valuable lessons.  The college is known for education that is high quality and the enrollment of many foreign students. Luckily for me, the English I had learnt while at Albania in high school, assisted in making life easy. Furthermore, I can speak French and am influent in Spanish and Italian. Moreover, while at Bunker Hill Community College, I improved in my speaking and writing skills. The students as well as the professors at the school were extremely accommodating and friendly. They made sure that I learnt in the best possible environment to facilitate easier understanding of courses taught. I also made sure to play my part well by following the instructions and advice given to me. I can confidently claim that, on a weekly basis, I did part time jobs accounting to twenty hours. Moreover, I set aside time whereby, I could read and concentrate on my studies as it ought to be.

Bunker Hill Community College Admission Essay Example

As part of my vision in life, I seek to further my education as I have already completed the courses I enrolled for at Bunker Hill. Furthermore, it is through transferring that I will be able to realize my life’s desires. I would like to have a better and well paying job as well as to have a better life. By attending a university that offers a degree in four years, I will have drawn near to my dream. After successfully completing the undergraduate degree, I will certainly carry on with my Masters. By majoring in Human Resource Management, I will be assured of a good future. I possess qualities such as being organized, punctual, and knowing how to deal with people. In turn, a career in human resource management is a wise decision and must ensure to fulfill it.

I can conclude by affirming that I am a candidate that is worthy, as well as one to be considered for a transfer. I have proven that I have various capabilities such as being industrious, motivated, as well as being enterprising. Life has taught me many valuable lessons, and I can face all that I encounter. Furthermore, Bunker Hill Community College has provided me with the foundation needed to have a respectable career. Indeed, I will work hard towards ensuring that I take full advantage of education, once I transfer. I thank you for this opportunity in advance.

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