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Bullying Bosses – Case Study Answers

Bullying Bosses

“It got to where I was twitching, literally, on the way into work,” states Carrie Clark, a 52 year old retired teacher and administrator. After enduring 10 months of repeated insults and mistreatment from her supervisor, she finally quit the job. “I had to take care of my health.”

Although many individuals recall bullies from their elementary school days, some are realizing that bullies can exist in the workplace as well. And these bullies do not just pick on the weakest in the group; rather, any subordinate in their path may fall prey to their torment, according to Dr. Gray Namie, director of the Workplace Bulling and Trauma Institute. Dr. Namie further says workplace bullies are not limited to men—women are at least as likely to be bullies. However, gender discrepancies are found in victims of bulling, as women are more likely to be targets.

Organizational Culture

  • The culture of a workplace is often shown by its values, beliefs and what is considered to be normal behavior. When the culture is positive it encourages individuals to adopt appropriate behaviors that promote respect of others
  • Conversely, employees may find themselves in a negative culture where inappropriate behaviors and attitudes are encouraged or condoned by management and bullying is seen as normal behavior for the majority of people in the workplace.

Bullying Bosses - Case Study Answers

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