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Breining Institute Certifications and Credentials Verification Testing System

The Breining Institute is an International Institute for the Certified Credentialed Counselors (CCCo). They provide Certification and have your Credential Verification from here. It has served in 47 US States and 18 different countries have also availed their services. Such Institutes have proved very valuable and helpful when it comes to the services they provide, the methodology they provide and the consequences or the value of their certification. Brening Institute has been holding these amazing criterion and have been serving the world for years.

Coming towards the process of their Certification, people can get the certification to join the addiction professionals in all their served areas who have earned professional credentials from Breining Institute. Once you get certified, the job has a vast scope in your accreditation. For instance, the US department of labor proposed that jobs in areas like substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselors will grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026 “much faster than average”.

the Certified Credentialed Counselors CCCo

Discussing the career paths, they offer RAS Career Path (Registered Addiction Specialist) credentials. The levels include RAS (Registered Addiction Specialist), RAS I (Advanced RAS level II), RAS II (Advanced RAS level III), and M-RAS (Masters Level RAS). Coming towards the Exam wavier; candidates for the RAS credential do not require to take ACE exam if they possess State Approved License, National Certified Addiction Counselor  (NCAC) Exam, Level I or II, administered by National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) or Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) Exam, administered by International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC). The diversity of alternates is  the proof of hot scope of this field and it represents that there are many other degrees or accreditations offered. Breining Institute also offers Special Credentials which can be earned by the completion of online courses such as Clinical Supervisor Credential (CSC), Master Counselor in Addictions (MCA), Certified Women’s Treatment Specialist (CWTS), Medication-Assisted Treatment Counselor (MATC), Forensic Addictions Counselor (FAC), Certified Co-occurring Disorders Specialist (CCDS), and Certified Case Manager Interventionist (CCMI). This Institute not only provides these initial level credentials but they also provide services for the Masters Credentials such as M-RAS and MCA. M-RAS stands for Master Level – Registered Addiction Specialist and MCA stands for Master Counselor in Addictions.  Considering the laws and regulations of different countries, Brening Institute provides the accommodation in accreditation of degrees. For example, California law requires individual Alcohol and other Drug Counselling (AOD) services in a state licensed program. Brening Institute gives Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Counselor Certification in California. Once you hold the entry level certification according to the California law, you may then be eligible for the Breining Institute nationally administered RAS and other respective specialty credentials. Such certificates hold their individual integrity and helps the accredited person to utilize the skills for the betterment of the drug abusers and play their role in attracting them towards the colors of life instead of the mesmerizing effects of the drugs that they consume.

The importance does not lie in holding the credentials, but the actual worth is determined by the verification of the credentials. The question of authenticity should be satisfied for the better use of accreditation. Breining Institute provides the International Credential Verification. They verify according to the International Credential Verification System (ICV). In case of California, California law requires a State-licensed program for individuals providing AOD counseling services to be registered and hold entry-level certification with a State-approved agency. Their following websites provide the confirmation to registration and/or certification by State-approved agencies.

  • California Association of DUI Treatment Programs (CADTP): www.cadtp.org
  • California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP): www.ccapp.us
  • California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators (CAADE) (State-approval through November 30, 2017): www.caade.org

Amongst the services they include Credential Renewal. The validity answers the question of authenticity therefore, every single accredited person have to renew its Brening Institute Credentials every two years. This way they keep their professionals updated with the modern drug abusers and tehri problems that need to be tackled in a special manner. The number of continuing education (CE) required is at least 40-hours every two years, and CE coursework may be obtained from any legitimate source, including Breining’s online CE courses. Renewal forms are available at Online Credential Renewal Application and the links that can be our helping hands for the completion of the Continuing Education Requirement (CE) includes:

  • Breining online Continuing Education (CE) courses
  • Breining Institute Accredited (BIA) education programs

Brening Institute also accommodates the requests for the duplicate certificate sin case the professionals lost their certificates, they can always get back to the Institute for the duplicate Credential Certification this implys that Brening Institute has the record of all their professionals and therefore no one can play cheat over them.  Breining Institute provides a display-worthy Certificate to new credential holders, upon the initial issuance of each new credential, at no extra charge to the credential holder, which is sent to the credential holder by U.S. Postal Mail or equivalent service. If an individual credential holder wishes a duplicate of the original certificate, with a current renewal date displayed, Breining will be pleased to provide such, upon receipt of the Request for Duplicate Credential Certificate form and $75 processing fee payment for each certificate ordered.

Since we are living in the modern world of Internet and like many other such Institutes, Brening institute provides the Online Specialist Credential Courses, the list is as follows:

  • Clinical Supervisor Education Course: 40-hour course
  • Women’s Treatment Counselor Education Course: 40-hour course
  • Co-occurring Disorders Education Course: 40-hour course
  • MAT Counselor Education Course: 40-hour course
  • Forensic Counselor Education Course: 40-hour course

From all the above discussion of the Brening Institute, we should praise the efforts of Brening Institute. They have been providing the educational accreditation to the people from all over the world considering all their concerns such as the question of legal proceedings, authenticity, validation and job prospects of their Credentials.

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