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Binge Drinking and E-Cigarettes in United States

Part I

Binge drinking is a practice where an individual takes large quantities of alcohol in one drinking session.  Men usually do take more than five bottles of alcohol during a single drinking session while women take four or more bottles of drinks during a single session. Binge drinking is a form of an excessive consumption of alcohol and most affect people who are alcohol dependent. I concur with the definition of binge drinking since it has adverse effects on some of my friends and family members. Excessive consumption of alcohol has affected my moods since my friends, and family members cannot engage in productive activities most. Alcohol bars them from engaging in productive economic activities. For instance, I have a cousin who lost his job as a result of binge drinking. Currently, he cannot engage in any productive activity. We as a family have also spent a lot of funds taking him to the rehabilitation, but all has been in vain. Before losing his job, he was unable to meet his responsibilities. We tried to counsel him. We even involved his employer, but he never changed his attitude. The fact that he is a binger drinker has affected our personal relationships since he keeps on asking for money to satisfy his urge. Moreover, he also lost some of his friends who have not been able to contain home. The last time we took him to the hospital, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. This has caused us a lot of stress since we will be expected to incur more money to ensure he gets regular medication. Binge drinking is harmful and should be avoided at the earliest before it develops into addiction.

Part II

E-cigarettes are utilized by people who cannot quit smoking entirely. E-cigarettes is had various health benefits compared to the regular cigarettes. The ingredients contained in the e-cigarettes are free from carcinogens; however, they do contain nicotine. The e-liquid contains some food flavoring ingredients, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are not available in traditional cigarettes. This makes the e-cigarettes much safer compared to the regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are less expensive compared to the regular cigarettes. In this case, it saves the cigarette addicts a lot of money. E-cigarettes also improve the self-image of the smokers. It allows individuals to lead a healthier and happy life compared to the traditional smoking. In most case, those who take regular cigarettes do become ostracized since and in most cases friends, family members, and bystanders scowl at them because of their disgusting habit. However, those who take e-cigarettes do not become ostracized since they are not doused of their cologne. In this case, they will not be scowled by friends and family members. On the other hand, the battery used in e-cigarettes may sometimes explode thus causing a health risk to the users. Besides, there is little regulation on the consumption of e-cigarettes. There are no guidelines to what the manufacturers should use in the e-liquid and e-cigarettes.  Moreover, they are no proper quality regulation standards. Furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes may affect inhibit the application of laws in place that tends to reduce smoking in the United States. E-cigarettes are not useful, and I would not advise one to utilize them since they also have various health risks. It also leads to addiction which may affect individual’s relationships.

Binge Drinking and E-Cigarettes in United States

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