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Big Data Importance

Kenneth Cukier: Big Data is Better Data

In TED talks, Kenneth Cukier share about the importance of the big data that how big data isBig Data Importance important to the modern world and hum beings and being benefited by the big data, however, regarding the big data consequences also discussed. Consequently, as described by the speaker, more data allow us to see more and see different, our society is going advance through the big data because we become able to face the global challenges.

However, energy, global warming is there due to big data. We still store information in a disc, moreover, processing, sharing, copying has become easier, there is the data liquidity to information. There is the more data, so many data in the world due to big data. As there is the information of location and the information or personal information is recorded on the database, spreadsheet because we are connected from GPS or there is information GPS, our postures are recorded.

There is the value of big data, as more information can be obtained. The things are advanced and simpler as never before, the computer now knows that what to do. However, in 1950 the computer was developed to play games, then computer played itself and it gathered more data, after that, computer wins and machines surpasses his abilities. There is the machine learning.

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Consequently, there are the self-driving cars and the big data is giving advantages, there is the prediction about the things, or what going to happen. However, functions like computer translation and voice recognize data is there, which is providing benefits to the humankind. There is also the dark side of the big data as there could be punished for prediction, criminology can be there. The information can be obtained about the individual, but it could not know that one is up, late at night, aggressive etc.

It is the privacy age; technology created jobs, there is the industrial revolution but one need to be careful of the big data, as we are master of technology, not the servant. There is need of satisfaction and happiness, humanity can learn from information, understand the world as it is the big deal.

What is Big Data

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