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7 Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Las Vegas

Addiction treatment centers have been devised in different cities worldwide in order to facilitate the drug abusers in a process of medical treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, drugs like cannabis, charas, marijuana, coccain and heroin. Such patients are addicted to the alcoholic substances and it becomes difficult for them to survive without these drugs. When start inculcating a sufficient amount on daily basis, this makes them addicted to the medicinal drugs and then they start taking dose on regular basis irrespective of the fact that it has been hurting their health and physic as well. These drugs cast a soothing effect on the patients, drug addicts are referred as patients here, and block their portion of hind brain which blocks the thought process letting them free of all worries. The very reason this addiction is labelled as very dangerous and measures are taken to improve the health of these patients.

Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Las Vegas

Drug addiction is very common in Las Vegas, therefore there are several alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in Las Vegas. Amongst several of them few are listed here along with their services, contact information, emails, address and the price of a few whom have provided. Following are a few centers listed below:

  1. EndureLV:

Services Offered by EndureLV:

Phase 1 Foundations PHP
Phase 2 Core IOP
Phase 3 F.I.T GOP

Address: Located at 3087 E.Warm Springs Suite 100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

Contact & Email: Contact at 775-372-8329, info@endurelv.com

Instagram and Facebook pages are also available.

EndureLV is Las Vegas’ only community sober gym. This calendar is open to the recovery community and we hope as a result to build something incredible! The only requirement is that you fully support a clean and sober lifestyle.


  1. Desert Hope:

Services offered by them:

1. Individual Therapy
2. Group Therapy
3. Family Therapy
4. Recovery-Oriented Challenge Therapy
5. Medical & Psychiatric Sessions
6. Psychoeducational & Didactic Groups
7. 12-Step Work

Levels of care:

1. Medical Detox
2. Inpatient Rehabilitation
3. Residential Treatment
4. Partial Hospitalization Program
5. Intensive Outpatient Program
6. Outpatient Program
7. Sober Living


1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
3. The Matrix Model
4. Motivational Interviewing
5. Eye Movement desensitization & reprocessing
6. Family Therapy
7. Psychoeducation

Address: Located at 2465 East Twain Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89121

Contact & Email: +1 702-848-6223

You can also reach out to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


  1. Destinations For Teens:

Services offered by them:

1. Partial Hospitalization Program
2. Intensive Outpatient Treatment
3. Mental Health

Types of Therapy:

1. Art therapy
2. Attachment-based
3. Cognitive Behavioral
4. Dialectical
5. Emotionally Focused
6. Experiential Therapy
7. Expressive Arts
8. Family systems
9. Interpersonal
10. Mindfulness-based
11. Narrative
12. Performance Art Therapy
13. Positive Psychology
14. Psychodynamic
15. Relational
16. Structural Family Therapy
17. Trauma Focused
18. Yoga

Address: Located at Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Contact & Email: 877-405-8438

Email at their official website with a user-friendly interface.


  1. Foundation For Recovery, INC.

Services offered by them:

1. Southern Nevada Recovery Resource Directory
2. Peer Recovery Support Services
3. Peer Coach Training Academy
4. HYPER-Helping Young People Experience Recovery
5. The Rooms

Address: Located at 4800 Alpine Place, Las Vegas, NV suite 12 & NV 89107

Contact & Email: +1 702-257-8199

Also follow us at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


  1. LYFE Recovery Services:

Services offered by them:

1. Substance Abuse
2. Opioid Addiction
3. Alcoholism
4. Group Therapy
5. Life Skills

Level of care:

1. Sober Living Homes
2. 12-Step
3. Individualized Treatment
4. Aftercare Support

Address: Located at 3430 Mashie Drive Sparks, Nevada 89431

Contacts and  Email: Contact at 888-590-9691


  1. Susan Dow Counseling:

Services offered by them:

1. Emotionally Focused Therapy
2. View substance use through a systemic lens
3. Personal training sessions

Address: Located at 10655 Park Run Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Contact & Email: counseling@susandow.com, +1 702-370-8912

Charges: Each session costs $150 at this time.


  1. Vogue Recovery Center:

Services offered by them:

1. Gourmet meals
2. Counseling
3. Yoga sessions
4. Music therapy
5. Personal massage
6. Weekly Outings

Address: Located at 6655 West Sahara Avenue

Contact & Email: 877-437-6408, info@voguerecoverycenter.com


Consequently, all these and other rehabilitation centers are aimed at the betterment of the drug addicts and all those patients that are addicted towards the alcohol and other drugs. These rehabilitation centers help those addicts to survive in a better environment, with better living conditions, mental peace, healthy activities, sports and games, and other physical health activities such as those required for the improvement of the patients towards the betterment. The culture of rehabilitation centers is promoted all around the globe, but this is more supported in US because of the increased number of drug addicts in Las Vegas.

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