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Bentley University Admission Essay Example

Admissions Essay, Bentley University

It is a known fact that Bentley University is among the leading educational institutions in the world. Furthermore, its business program is one that seems to fit with my career needs in the future. Currently, I am a freshman student at Suffolk University, undertaking a major in finance. The university I am attending is good, but I believe that I need to receive an education from the best, which in this case is Bentley University. I am an international student from the Dominican Republic and studying in the United States is a privilege. Most times, people who are the same age as me often do not know what they want out of life. In turn, they end up wasting their lives, which I believe is quite pitiful. Fortunately, I have found my inspiration from my father and grandfather who want me to have a successful career. Both of them are successful business men back home in the Dominican Republic. My grandfather is the owner of one of the largest sugar factories, while my father is a franchise owner of McDonalds.

My other siblings also dream of having a chance to study at Bentley University. In fact, my younger sister has received an offer to study at the same university. She will be starting classes during the upcoming fall semester. In turn, this makes me even more eager to have a chance to transfer to Bentley University. Also, living in the Boston area for quite some time has made be familiar with the school through the people I have interacted with. They all have praises for the university and how it can be helpful to me. I have had an opportunity to meet at least three of the universities alumni, who are now holding prestigious positions at their work places. I believe that if I get to study at the university, I will also be proud alumni.

Bentley University Admission Essay Example

Since I am a student pursuing a major in finance, I will benefit significantly by studying at Bentley University. Moreover, the skills and knowledge that I will acquire will help me a lot once I am through with my studies at the university. Also, when I go back to the Dominican Republic, I will assist not only my family, but also contribute towards improving the country’s economy. I am well informed about the high quality standards of teaching by the professors with many years of experience. The environment at the university is extremely conducive for learning as there are many facilities to make learning better. The library has a lot of books and other academic sources of knowledge that will assist me when learning. The university is known for its many students from various parts of the world, and this makes it a multicultural university. This means that I will interact with various nationalities, and this will enhance my learning experience.

Therefore, I believe that I possess the qualities needed in order to be part of Bentley University. I am hardworking, disciplined as well as one who believes in helping others to succeed. If, I am accepted to Bentley University, I will be a step closer towards attaining one of the goals that I have in life. I conclude by stating I will not waste the opportunity if I study at the prestigious university.

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