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Analysis of US Cost of Recent Wars: Is it Worth it or is it an Economic Burden?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, among others, are those that the US Congress supported in the wake of 9/11. As a matter of fact, the US Congress has since calculated some 800 billion dollars as the expense of these conflicts. Mckelvey (2011) maintains that the US military invests $113 billion in this fiscal year alone in Afghanistan. Interestingly, around $107 billion is likely to be used in the coming fiscal year. However, a variety of managers are now digging holes in the expenditure since the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Although the wars that the US has advanced since the assault could be justifiable, there are fundamental issues that need to be investigated with a pinch of salt. Fear et al. (2011) argues that economic losses alone without taking into consideration individual costs (e.g. psychological impact) are in themselves worrying (Chandrasekhar, 2011).

Any of the concerns raised by many Americans and those around the world include the factors that rationalise the costs of wars that are rather exorbitant relative to others that the US has waged in the past, especially where one looks at other aspects of the economy. Quadra (2011) argues that the long-term expense of schooling, for example, is a serious problem with long-term costs, with Thomas (2011) considering that these wars have contributed to unplanned decreases in support for education. As a consequence, many students had to hold protests of anti-war slogans. But the one to blame for the latest wars is a problem that many Americans are dealing with. Margaret (2011) Reasons why George Bush’s government had a lot to do with where America is now and other nations, “…tax cuts destroyed a balanced budget, Medicare to finance two-war budgets” (Margaret, 2011)

Analysis of US Cost of Recent Wars: Is It Worth It or Is It an Economic Burden?

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