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American Civil War

It comes as a surprise that all young northerners oppose slavery mostly to southerners as you cousin. However, I believe that there are many ways to justify to this belief. In your question concerning whether it is true there has been a change of heart on my part, it is true. Abraham Lincoln is the best candidate to reflect ideas I currently support hence the widely spread support in the north especially by the younger generations. Cousin there are many events that led to my sudden change of heart. However, Convincing people from the south to adapt to abstinence of slave trade is at the moment difficult given that most slave-owners come from the southern states (Stowe, 89). I will try my best to answer your queries as much as possible in the view that you will understand my stand and possibly join in the conquest to free black people. Most of the things that led to this change of heart revolve around religion, morals, politics, literary, and finally economics.

The first event leading to my sudden change of heart is the newly formed organization the wide awake. Our constitution is clear that it is good to allow people to exercise their democratic rights. However, the situation that prevails is that segregation is on basis of color. According to research (Stowe, 25), there is lack of humanity in denying other people the right to engage in politics. Wide awakes is currently advocating for a politician to who will steer this country from the current situation. Sincerely speaking cousin they have made me dream of a country where there was no discrimination and black people. As much as I understand your surprise you of all people ought to know that I listen to reasoning. Right now wide awake through their constitutional campaign of a country free of slavery are making me realize that we have been wrong all along. It is not good to stand aside and do nothing while our country weathers away. Through this is not the exclusive reason it is one of the many reasons that made me change my mind.

American Civil War

On the other hand, religion teaches that people should be just and fair. Hence, it is hypocrisy to preach that we ought to be just to all of people while on the other hand black people are under oppression. Hence, it is not out of the blues that the concept of anti-slavery is dear to most religions at this particular time. I know that you believe in the values of respecting humanity according to Christian teachings. Most southerners believe that the force driving northerners is the fact that slavery is not a practice in most of the states. Nevertheless, even though this might have some truth in it, it is the love for humanity that id driving most young people like myself. The thirst to see fellow young people from the southern states enjoy rights like those living in the north is the reason that is changing many hearts. Some few months ago most people from the north had no stand on the issue but with religion taking root in the area rights for all people are fundamental.

In his work about civil war, Catton (100) indicates that maintaining slave trade is uneconomical and is retarding the growth of this county. Currently, Black people are starting to riot in the southern cities causing damage to most cities. Eventually according to statistics, there will be no southern cities. Accordingly, though the southern states are maintain their stand about slavery, eventually they have to change owing to the damage it is about to cause the country. Further studies (Bruce et al 22) indicate that black people are of more value to the country free than under slavery. Furthermore, with the current state the country is unstable owing to the divided opinion on the issue. This is causing the possibility of secession, which will hurt the economy of the greater United States of America (Catton 93). While it is true that slave, owners will bear the burden of allowing slaves to work on their own free will, the larger benefits a more and are not possible to ignore.

You sought to know my expectations of Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency. Though I know that once in office he is likely to face opposition regarding his stand on slavery, I believe that he is the right man to bring sanity to this country. Currently I feel that it is my mandate to make the make moves that will enable this country to move in the right direction and the only possibility of achieving this is by voting for a president sharing the same sentiments. Given that, many young Americans oppose slave trade it is not difficult to understand the reasons as to why most support Abraham Lincoln. Hence, most young people in this side of the country expect a better future for the black population to come from Lincoln upon assuming office.

Accordingly, supporting Abraham Lincoln means voting for change in the country. Change from a country that denies citizens their rights to a country giving each national all liberties. Furthermore, removing slavery from this country means removing possible economic downpour to a county of sound economical opportunities (Bruce et al 24). Hence, black people from the south will live their happily without the current victimization and segregation. Laws that suppress these humble creations of God like the Jim the crow policies will not see the light of the day. Finally, the United States of American will be a just and fair country.

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