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Aircraft Brake Assembly Unit Job Redesigning

Job Description of Aircraft Brake Assembly Unit

Need to Redesign a Job:

There is a need to redesign a job because not all information is given clearly that what an aircraftAircraft Brake Assembly Unit Job Redesigning brake assembly unit have to do, on the job, it is needed to provide the clear information systematically, and so the interested candidates can be motivated for the job. They should understand the responsibilities and function they are going to hire for redesign the join with proper information can influence them to work in their own field; they can come to know about the tasks, they can know how to work in a final assembly process. The job needed to be the redesign, by providing the proper structure, example, the summary of the job, primary responsibilities, job description, assembler skills, qualification etc.

 Structure to Design a Job 


Final assembler produces the components by assembling the parts, it is the last workstation in the assembly unit, the responsibility is of installing, assembling, preparing, repairing the components of the aircraft, there is a need to perform subassembly, by the test system and fit parts etc.

Primary Responsibility:

Primary responsibilities include the, assemble and fixing of the structural parts, the repair of the structure components, overall aircraft and test the components, modify and repair the steel metal parts. There is the need to create the metal–to-metal structure, to mark component testing etc. The internal structure needs to be checked in the manner-able way, the drum assembly and the frames also needed to be managing effectively. There is need of proper engineering and knowledge.

Description of The job:

The unit has to manage the wheel break, for the different type of the aircraft, they need to manufacture, test and support aircraft wheel, and however, the products can include the hydraulically actuated brakes. The breaks, which are the carbon and steel friction material, there are needed to monitor all the functions of the wheel including the brake temperature monitoring system and the pressure monitoring system.

Working Conditions:

For the unit the innovation also needs to be done, so that the breaking technology and system integration process can be improved, must need to contribute to the team efforts and must maintain the safe and clean environment. One should follow the rules and regulations of the company. There is the need to do the improvements for that may be related to the technological improvements, if the technological improvement will be there then maintenance cost can be minimized and durability can be maximized. However, the unit needs to be efficient in order to maintain all the function.

Skills and Qualification:

The aircraft brake assembly unit needs to control and maintain tools or instruments, there is need of the equipment maintain, the one need to have the manufacturing and experience and know about the mechanical inspection tools, however, need to have the skills, example, decision making, judgment, power tool etc.

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