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Agriculture Reflection Paper Example


48°30’50.0″N 113°05’00.0″W

I have chosen 48°30’50.0″N 113°05’00.0″W to do analysis from Google Earth. The place is nearby or between the forests of the U.S and Canada.

The temperature and the current could image time is 2016-10-29 05:00 vrc and the current radar image time is 2016-10-29 07:06 vrc.

The information given about the picture, tells that the temperature is cold here and the area is cloudy. From the image given for the analysis also shows that the area is cloudy, wet and cool in the winters, greenery is there. However, cows and buffaloes are there eating grass, which indicates that the areas or place is quite suitable for the animals, as they are enjoying eating grass. The areas are cloudy. The place is near the forests and mammals are living, enjoying the lives.

There is the fine root system of the grasses, which can contribute to the organic matter, the place is nearby the Kootenai forest so may be have the same soil, which is not beneficial for the vegetation processes because of the direct sunlight, water resources are there, but greater evaporation can also be there. Strom and rainfall can be expected in this area, through the picture it could be seen that there is the cool-season grasses that can affect the soil water and the nutrient availability.

The place is dry in the winter season, however, the moisture can be preserve, form the summers. There are the mountains and hills; the place is very suitable for the animals like cows as they can grow up there in healthy way, natural grass is there, there are the natural resources. Forest is near to this place, Canada and America can get the advantages, however, flathead and Kootenai national forest are nearby this place. Agriculture facilities can be obtained by growing crops.

The countries nearby this place need to think about growing the animals over here, because animals can grow up in better way, animal farms can be created there, and benefits can be obtained. The healthier way of living or lifestyle can be obtained through admitting the importance of this place. The place is not beneficial for growing the crops as the soil productivity and soil microorganisms are limited and cannot be retained. Consequently, countries can think about the animal farms, by giving them the favorable environments, moreover, the forest can be utilized as from the trees, woods can be obtained and through other resources, benefits can be obtained.


Agriculture Reflection Paper Example

Agriculture Reflection Paper Example

Agriculture Reflection Paper Example

Agriculture Reflection Paper Example

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