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Agents of Socialization Overview


Title: Agents of socialization from a personal perspective and personal experiences

1. Introduction

Socialization is a vital aspect of human life that helps people learn about their communities and themselves.

Thesis: There are several socialization agents, which facilitate the socialization process. The agents act differently on a person and his or her knowledge. The agents alongside technology had have a long-lasting impact on people.

Agents of Socialization Overview

2. Socialization Agent in My Socialization

The socialization agent that has had the most insightful impact on my life is family, peers and schools. My family influenced my acquisition of language, shape how I relate with other people, my early social interaction and morals.

a. Family

My family members were my first role models.

b. School

School enlarged my social world. I got to interrelate with other persons other than my parents and siblings. These were teacher and children from different backgrounds, with different knowledge and skill sets. The school exposed m to new values such as competition, patriotism, honest and democracy.

c. Peers

I acquired peer who also had a profound impact on my socialization. I had several adventures, discussions, and arguments with my pear that shaped my life, as well as theirs.

3. The Agents and the Present Society

These agents are still influential in our society.

a. Family

Family still provides a powerful unit of the society and a strong sphere of influence on people. In fact, there is a lot of emphasis on the significance of functional families.

b. Schools

Schools are still held regarded with high esteem in the present day society. Schools are built and professionally managed due to their pivotal role in the socialization process.

c. Peers

Peers are also an essential component of socialization. For theses reason parents at home and teacher at school are always guiding children on how to choose friends, and push of negative peer influence.

4. Socialization Prepared Me for the World

My socialization prepared me for the world in different ways. First it exposed me to different people and taught me to interact with them. I leant about my community, my culture and my country. I can clear understand other people’s perspectives, and I learnt to respect them too. I understand that there is endless competition and rivalry. There is a lot of conflicting interests and to in order to sustain the fabric that holds together the society such socialization is important. I developed the ability to amicably solve conflict and get along with people with conflicting interests.

5. Technology and Socialization

Technology has also affected my socialization. This has been most through information communication technology, television, radio, computers and videos. Technology also had a strong impact on my education and has continually influenced they way I interact with my peers and family members.

6. Conclusion

Socialization is a continuous and critical process that helps us learn about our world and appreciate it and appreciate our role in it. It is shaped through various agents and also faces a lot of influence from technology.

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