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Advice For Database Managers In Organizations


  • Developing an Information systems
  • Gaining competitive advantage where necessary
  • Gaining work experience through outsourcing
  • Becoming interesting and listening to Employees

This report provides detailed advices that will help the future database managers in building a sound business in their organizations. The advices given were done through carrying out an interview with one of the professor in a well known company Dr. Haven Henry, the Database manager of Techplazza Company. The advices for the most part focused various key areas such as; Gaining competitive advantage where necessary, developing an Information system to replace the old systems, building relationship through hiring of new employees, gaining experience from the outsourced employees and lastly becoming a manager who is more interested and ready to listen to his/her employees. Dr. Henry has been a database manager for about 7 years who is experienced in both public and private sectors in different organizations. His role in the organization is to make sure that there is a high security and privacy of data stored in the database. The various key advices discussed in this report will not only show the way Henry has managed to build a stronger relationship with his employees, but it will on the other hand, show how he is a business professional as well and performs best in his departmental field. This paper will therefore give a report covering the key pieces of advice uncovered in the interview. Below are some of the key advices to Dr. Haven Henry, the Database manager of Techplazza Company.

Advice For Database Managers In Organizations

Developing an Information Systems

The advancement of new technology has improved the means of communication around the world. It is therefore an advice for the managers in every organization to change with the changes in technology. Development of the information systems will enable accountants to become more accurate in their calculations as opposed to when doing it manually. The significance of developing an information system in the organizations is that, the information system will not only be used in the Information communication Technology (ICT)department, but it will serve a function to all the departments in every organization such as the marketing and sales department, accounting department, financing department and Human Resource department. For instance, Henry as the IT manager of Techplazza Company worked very hard to make sure that the database system is secured and no one would login to the system without authentications hence ensuring privacy to the organization. Most ICT managers do not know the skills they require so as to succeed in their field and with the advice given above for developing a new information system, the manager may be in a position of acquiring more knowledge about the use of the system as they improve the flow of information in the organization. Henry believes that by using a new information system, the organization will improve its communication within and outside the organization.

Gaining Competitive Advantage Where Necessary

Gaining competitive advantage can be through market segmentation while making the developed information system as one of the best compared to the information systems in other organizations. The system should be efficient in terms of producing the output in time as well as maintaining its consistency when performing the tasks assigned. For instance, Henry gained the competitive advantage in the company by making sure that the system used in Techplazza Company is the best as compared to others used in other various companies. He also made sure that there was enough security and privacy of documents stored in the system as well as the personal documents regarding each employee in the organization. For instance, an employee will only login to the system after she/he has been given the privileges’ to access data in the database.

Gaining Work Experience Through Outsourcing

Work experience for managers can be gained from different activities such as; the managers can gain experience from the outsourcing people in the company to develop and implement the systems. However experience cannot be taught, but it can be acquired from other people who have already acquired the skills and knowledge of doing something better. For example, Henry believes that any task or job done will definitely increase experience making every job to have the potential of improving communication skills in the organization. Outsourcing is significance in one way or another for example; Henry would be in a good position of gaining more skills and knowledge from the outsourced people, brought in the company to develop the system. The outsourced people may have different skill that is of much different from the skills one has within the organization when developing an information system.

Becoming Interesting and Listening to Employees

Henry can develop an interest as well as listening to his employees. He therefore encourages everyone in the organization to become more interesting people as they listen to one another within the organization. Listening to employees will create togetherness in the company which then leads to high performance. Henry should therefore make sure that, he at all times listen to his employees by becoming interesting.

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