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Advantages and Disadvantages of Thinking Out of the Box


  • You may act and think differently from the rest so you can come up with fresh new ideas which no-one has ever thought of and you are more able to think out of the box. There is much concern that this method will not only offer different idea but also offer reliable information for decision making.
  • You may get more time to yourself. This will offer an individual time to analyze the answers on board or the solutions
  • It makes you special and you stand out from the crowd. This creates a leader from the others and prestige kicks on
  • People may like you for having interesting different things to say. This gives an individual a chance to become a leader among the others because of always coming with unique ideas (Gray, 2010).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thinking Out of the Box


  • Some people take this as you not liking the way they act. People we take you as a person who is anti-social
  • If you are not quite the same, sometimes, people don’t really know how to interact with you so they may leave you alone. This is possible to lead to stress and depression among other people.
  • People may think you are weird if try to act different. This creates a different image of you among others.
  • If you are always being left alone and if you are always isolated, then this can result in unpopularity. You may get depressed and people may get the wrong impression of you.
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