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Admission Application Example

Application Letters

November 1, 2020

The Admission Board

University of California (UCLA)

Computer Science Department

42231 Bidwell Road Hat Creek, CA.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to express my interest for the Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering Major at the University of California, after completing undergraduate coursework at the Irvine Valley College.  My desire to pursue an advanced degree with your institution is motivated by the fact the University is among the top-rated institutions in the country for giving exceptional education in Computer Science and Engineering Technology.  Moreover, the University is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities and staff to enable students to obtain their career goals and fulfill their ambitions as computer scientists upon graduation.  UCLA’s Computer Science Department has also received several lucrative performance awards such as the Google and Cisco awards.

I would describe myself as an informative, quick thinker, and problem-solver.  Usually, when I am asked a question to which I don’t know the answer, I admit this to the person but then I research the content until I come up with an answer.  Simply put, I never let any stone unturned when it comes to exploring new knowledge.  To illustrate these qualities, I trace back to the time I moved in the U.S. from Taiwan, my home country.  I was in 6th grade by then and a new environment meant a lot of challenges in terms of language, social life, and generally, culture.  I did not let myself get intimidated by the culture shock even at that young age.  I asked my parents to buy me software that would train me on language, and also attended classes and read books that taught me about lifestyles of Americans.  Within a month, I was able to freely and eloquently participate in conversations regarding almost any subject and especially on matters of technology, as well as the American history and culture.  Researching on new subjects has therefore become an area of liking and I have concentrated this effort to discoveries in the Computer Science world.

Admission Application Example

I graduated from Irvine Valley College in which I excelled in all the course programs. I consider myself a brilliant student and a practical person who attempts to strike a balance between the theoretical and practical worlds.  For example, while in Irvine Valley, I always created private sessions in which I would read and practice further on computation and software engineering.  I have a strong background in both Science and Mathematics and excel in subjects such as Physics, Calculus, Statistics and Algebra.  I believe that computational sciences such as Computer Science and Engineering, an area that I want to advance in, are useful to provide a better world where things are done in a fast and effective way.  The world today is fast-paced and has become more globalized, and therefore, there is need to advance technology in information sharing in business, education, and politics.  I look forward to putting my knowledge and various skills to work as I pursue further education.  Considering that computer science is a speedily advancing area, I understand the need to be at par with current information concerning recent advances in the field.  Knowledge and practice are highly required of a computer scientist and engineer.

I strongly acknowledge the fact that most of the learning takes place outside the classroom.  In regard to this, I feel that I have gained beneficial practical skills from extracurricular activities and volunteer work in national and community computer laboratories.  For example, in college, I participated in a movement that advocated for production of communicative gadgets that are environment friendly.  I assisted in coming up with the design of cellular phones in which radiation is minimized.  There is a worldwide concern of health and technology and therefore as part of social responsibility, I look forward to be a computer scientist who will incorporate the two issues in practice.

I believe that I can fully develop my potential and direct my selected career path with UCLA.  I am therefore looking forward for a favorable decision regarding my admission to Computer Science and Engineering program of UCLA.

Yours Sincerely


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