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Admission Acceptance Letter Example

Admission Acceptance Letter into Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University

This is to confirm the admission of the above name student in the course mentioned above for the academic year 2013/2014. The choice of the above named student was based on merit. The Members of the Committee of Admissions, who include faculty, residents and students, were satisfied by the capability of Kranthi Reddy and have decided to give him a chance to pursue his career dream in medicine. The decision was based on a careful analysis of the student’s personality, interests and abilities, as a well as his academic accomplishments. His remarkable performance in the Medical College admission Test (MCAT) demonstrate that the above named student is multi-talented and has the ability to excel in the medical field. The discipline will give him a chance to work together with like-minded students and hence come out as a physician who cares about standard of service, excellence, and dedicated patient care.

The following is a list of expenses required for study in the above course.

  • Tuition fees $ 48,200 per year
  • Other expenses which include living expenses, books, supplies, and transportation cost an average of $ 22, 794 per year.

Admission Acceptance Letter Example

For students who feel that they cannot meet the above requisite fees and expenses can seek help from the Office of Financial Aid. This is done through the creation of a package of funding sources. Students can also seek loans from outside firms, scholarships, and grants by browsing the Web or visiting our local library. Preferable Web sites for our students include: www.fastweb.com (for scholarships), www.finaid.org (for scholarships and terms of available loan programs), and www.ed.gov (for terms of available loan programs).

Students admitted to the Stritch School of Medicine can submit5 a financial aid application starting January before matriculation. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov no later than March 1 prior to matriculation. The school code is 00171.

The financial aid office strictly assesses each application and gives funding according to the financial needs of the student, his or her spouse, and parents. Medical students must reapply for financial assistance every January. Personal counseling and financial assistance seminars get offered during the four years of medical school so as to assist students in managing their education debt.

Note: validity of this admission letter is for 21 days. Failing to submit before or at the end of the above period will lead to an automatic cancellation of your faculty.

The fooling is a list of documents the student must bring along with him:

  1. Original invitation letter
  2. Full payment of first year tuition fees
  3. 10 passport size photos
  4. A general medical fitness certificate
  5. HIV medical check-up certificate
  6. A Photostat copy of your passport and a visa given by the US embassy
  7. Original school certificates
  8. Birth certificate
  9. Flight ticket should be returned

Please make sure that before leaving your area of residence, the above said documents are along with you. The immigration officials will have to check the above documents before they allow you in. if you don’t have any of the above documents, you will no get entry permission.

For more details, please keep in touch with our contact department through https://www.stritch.luc.edu/admission

School address and signature of concerned personnel

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