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Admiral William McRaven Speech

10 Lessons For Life

There is a powerful video of 20-minutes by the Admiral McRaven’s, he focuses on the fantastic life and the business lessons, However, he has given 10 quotes that hocalw people and the world can be changed by changing the own selves (Art Digital, 2016).

You Start Your Day By “Making Your Bed”

As he said this that if you 3want to change the world than there is need to making your bed, as he shared his story that every morning we make our bed to perfection real warriors then the supervisors encourage us to do other tasks as it is mentioned by him that if you can never do little things right then you never able to do big things. In the third point, he said that there is the need to measure a person by the size of the heart.

Admiral William McRaven Speech

You Should “Get Over Being A Sugar Cookie And Keep Moving Forward”

By this, he means that if you don’t know that how well you prepare for any of the task or you don’t know that how well you perform still there is the need to end up with the sugar cookie, he also stated an example of roll around on the beach for a perfect uniform.

Difference Between “Effectiveness” And “Efficiency”

Efficiency means to perform the things in the best possible manner so that there could be the least waste and there could be the best use of the time and effort. However, effectiveness means “doing the right things” and efficiency means “doing things right”. Thus, it is believed that effectiveness is before efficiency in the case of cost of flying because effectiveness focuses on the safe arrival (Stapenhurst, 2009).

Is There A Difference Between Leadership And Management

There are the differences between the leaders and managers, as the managers have the “people who work for them” whereas, leaders have people “who follow them”. However, leaders create vision while managers create goals and leaders are risks taking while manager controls the risks.

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