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ACC 102 Fundamental of Accounting II

ACC 102 Fundamental Of Accounting Ii B2 Ti 2018

Calculate The Predetermine Factory Overhead Rate For Each Company.

Last Year Overhead Rate

ACC 102 Fundamental of Accounting II

Current Year Expected Data

ACC 102 Fundamental of Accounting II

Indicate Whether Factory Overhead Was Over Applied Or Under Applied For Each Company And By How Much


Aloe ltd was under applied with a very little margin but Basil ltd was over applied as its cost of factory over head going to increase but its labour hours going to decrease in expected data. (Accounting for management, 2012)

Prepare A Schedule Of Estimated Cash Collection From Revenue For The First 6 Months Of 2020 For Bounce Athletics Ltd.


ACC 102 Fundamental of Accounting II

Using Only The Differential Income And Expenses Determine Which Adventure David Should Provide.

First adventure cost:

Income: rock climbing= 10*860=$8600

Food and equipment= 180*10+2500=1800+2500=$4300

Total income= 8600+4300=$12900

Cost= 1100+2800=$3900

Profit=12900-3900= $9000

Second adventure cost:

Income: white water rafting= 8*900=$7200

Food and equipment = 170*8+2500=1360+2500=$3860

Total income= 7200+3860=$11060

Cost= $3900

Profit= 11060-3900= $7160

So, after all the required calculation, David want to select first adventure as it give more profit to David as compare to second adventure.

(Mike Brewer, 2012)

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