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A Trip to Mine Baghdad Arizona

This article is about a trip to Mine Baghdad Arizona done by a team for a survey. It was one of the best trips and was the wonderful experience. I left with my team members, I feel amazed when morning flashes of sunrays. The field trip, we went to the hillside mine in Baghdad Arizona. It was connected by without difficulty-travelled dirt road; this is the place, where people can hardly survive. The purpose of our trip to visit watershed for Boulder Creek; Boulder Creek is located in the range of Rocky Mountains, the river system give you opportunity to appraise the natural processes, as it flows from the protected mountain it give the dominant agriculture to the land scope. Since 1859, water shed was determined but the water quality of Boulder Creek Watershed has changed over 160 years. It is also predicted that water quality may have more issues in the future. We also did inquiry about fishes under the lake. We went to other 300 places, which were inside the large rocks, we cannot collect the data as there were large rocks and it was hard to walk, but the rocks seem cool. We found hillside mine as a local trailer park, as we also took equipments for survey; we surveyed different places and put our data in AutoCAD software. After the survey, most of us get tired; however, beauty of nature refreshes our minds and souls.

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