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A Proposal to Research on a Paper for Chosen Film – The Departed

A Proposal to Research on a Paper for Chosen Film – The Departed

The Departed is an American crime drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and Written by William Monahan. The Departed is an old drama that had been considered as one of the best gangster films of all times. The film explores the waging war between the police force and Irish American organized crime. Where cop Billy Costigan works as an undercover to monitor the activities of the Irish mobster and Colin a hardened criminal works as an informer to the gangsters. The Departed has its release around 2006. The Departed is another perfect example of a classic gangster-genre because of its plot on Mise-En-Scene, cliché, and symbolism.


  • Police vs. Criminal
  • Concept of self-identity
  • Father-son relationship
  • Quest for the rat
  • Deceit
  • Legitimate Power
  • End of the movie shows a quick shot of a rat
  • Costello’s first appearance was lit in low light with a very high contrast and shady moral compass
  • A close-up shot of Leonardo diCaprio putting some writings on his information.
  • Frank’s men showed up to ask Queenan about the rat and then Leo came into the building the moment a body hits the ground.
  • The light in the bar pulls focus to Jack Nicolson when in the bar. The light is actually a warmer tone to cast off Jack as an evil character who he is.
  • Billy’s lightened face gives a clear idea of the protagonist and who isn’t a protagonist
  • Gold Dome: Matt Damon stares at the building provided with the gold dome, the moment he moves closer, and it obviously seems to be entranced with it again
  • Rat: Symbolizes obviousness. The killers in the movies were posed to be the rats.
  • The Building: Symbolizes the Massachusetts State House, Damon’s played the character that longs for legitimate power and wants to achieve the shiny gold dome of the state house which is his ultimate goal.


The Departed is another mind blowing film made in Boston and New York and great history for American films. The theme shows a significance of creativity and Scorsese’s camera work on the streets of Boston really comes alive. The special effects of the film are kept to a minimum even during prolonged gunfights which basically makes the film so believable. The film lacks no romance, and it is based on character development, , cinematography success, great fight scenes and heavy atmosphere. It is also provided with suspense, drama, great camera work, violence, and a bit of romance. The Departed is a must-see for everyone.

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