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40 Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Stonewall design changes the visual appearance of the room giving it a rustic and earthy look with a modern touch. The contrasting color schemes, types, arrangement, texture and varieties of stone used gives you ample options to experiment and choose the right design. Today we will see 40 stone wall designs and styles for different rooms of your house that will impress your guests and make it a comfortable gathering space.

7 Stone Wall Design for Living Room

The living room is the heart of your house. It is the only place in your house where you spend the most time in whether as an individual or with your family and friends. So, decorating this place is key when you to change the interior of your house.

  1. White Ridge Stone

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

The whites are trending more than ever! This white decorative element in your living room will give the illusion of a vast space which makes it suitable for small apartments.

  1. Classic Brick Wall

The classic brown brick wall adds a vintage look to your living room Paired with the right furniture you can amaze your guests with your interior designing skills just by adding this simple element in your living room.

  1. Ridge Stone Black Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Black just like white is a classic color and a black stone blend not only adds a vintage look but visually reminds you of the lodges you stay at in your ski trips. The black stone blend will remind you of very rustic life and with a fireplace, the pair is just cosmic.

  1. Stacked Stone Aspen

The stacked stone aspen design is a very unique element despite being an imitation of a regular stone panel but the texture of this wall is what differentiates it from the regular stone panel.

  1. Stacked Stone Light Brown

Hues of different tones of brownstones mixed make this element into a complex yet simple element will elevate your living room. The furniture paired with this stone wall will not only be a stylish interior décor of your house.

  1. Stacked Stone Limestone

Like all stone’s limestone has a different texture. This is your white stone panel with a twist. The texture of this stone and the color is your white stone wall elevated. And the arrangement is a bonus.

  1. Stacked Stone-Grey Blend

Neutral colors are always preferred in decorating spaces. It is not only safe when you are experimenting with designs and this one is to safe to play with. The different hues of the color of stacked stones make this design a unique addition.

7 Stone Wall Designs for Bedroom

The bedroom is your sanctuary, this place is your temple, where you relax and spend most of your time in your day. These are 7 designs for your bedroom that you can choose.

  1. Stacked Stone-Grey Brown Blend

The stacked stone grey-brown blend paired with brown or white furniture will give a classy and vintage look to your bedroom. Visually, it will not just be vintage but the selection of your furniture can make it modern too.

  1. Stacked Stone-Dark Brown

Dark texture colored walls are not only daring but in fact, is a great choice when you want to experiment with something off the charts. This paired with other decorative elements is a great way to re-do your bedroom.

  1. Stack Stone Black Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Personally, stacked stone is this season’s pic for every interior designer out there. This black blend is unique but visually gives a very expensive look to your bedroom.

  1. Stacked Stone White Blend

Much like the black blend, the white blend is a classic. White color usually gives the illusion of more space in a room. So, if you have a small room but the desire to elevate the décor, this is a perfect addition.

  1. Ridge Stone Grey Brown

The texture of this wall is so unique that if you pair it with the nice furniture and the placement of nice elements on this wall, it will elevate not only the purpose of this wall but will be visually appealing buying you in great compliment.

  1. Ridge Stone Dark Brown

If you have a knack for neutrals but indecisive of choosing a color then dark brown is a safe color to play with. Choose this ride stone Dark Brown for your bedroom.

  1. Ridge Stone Simply White

The ridge stone in white has a good texture. The color though will be a bonus especially for the makeup artists out there who like to record their makeup tutorials. Impress your fans with this stone wall.

7 Stone Wall Designs for your Bathroom

The décor of your bathroom is quite important to some of you here are 7 ideas on how to decorate your bathroom with stone walls.

  1. Ledge Stone Grey Blend

The flat texture of ledge stone is perfect for your bathroom to replace your tiles. These stone walls are not only easy to install but it’s a perfect element to decorate your house with.

  1. Stacked Stone Brown

Ledge stone is brown paired with few plants in your bathroom will give an expensive resort bathroom look, this design is a perfect element that can be added in your bathroom.

  1. Ledge Stone Black Blend

The silver taps and showerheads can be a perfect pair with the stone black blend and it will give off the vibe of being an expensive apartment. The ledge stone black blend is a classic element to décor your bathroom with.

  1. Ridge Stone Brown

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

The texture of the stone brown will be a unique piece that is versatile because of its texture. This dark brown ridge stone wall will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.

  1. Ridge Stone Black Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

For those of you who like everything black, this ridge stone black blend is not just a classy addition to your bathroom but easy to clean with water that will remove the dust that sits on it.

  1. Stacked Stone Black Blend

The texture in the stacked stone blend is one such design that when paired with other elements will give a very expensive hotel bathroom look.

  1. Stone Wall Dark Brown Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

When you are not into black and white then this dark brown blend can be a perfect element in your bathroom to decorate it with.

5 Stone Wall Panels Designs for Fireplaces

Fireplaces and stone wall are a match made in heavens. Fireplaces are the heart of the house in winters and Christmas as your family and friends gather around to have a cup of eggnog as you enjoy board games. Here are 5 ideas for your fireplace.

  1. Ridge Stone Dark Brown

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Darker colors are perfectly paired with fireplaces. It gives you the vibe of your romantic getaway to a ski trip or in the middle of the forest. Add this stone dark brown ridge to your living room fireplace.

  1. Ridge Stone Grey Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

This faux stone-grey blend is too good to be true. This will give the illusion of real stones being used in making this. Easy to put on a wall but the compliments that will be earned, priceless!

  1. Stacked Stone Black Blend

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

The stacked stone black blend is a safe choice to pair your fireplace with. Chose this black blend to decorate your fireplace, the texture along with the fire burning will create a great ambiance.

  1. Stacked Stone Aspen

Stone Aspen is a perfect blend of a neutral brown color to add to your fireplace. The amber color of the fire will be not be elevated by this stacked stone aspen.

  1. Stacked Stone-Grey Blend

Stone grey blend in stacked design like this one is a perfect element to add to your living room fireplace.

6 Stone Wall Panels Designs for Kitchen

Whether it’s your kitchen or your bar, stone walls are a great addition to your kitchen. Here are 6 wall ideas for your kitchen.

  1. Brown Ledge Stone for your Bar

This brown ledge stone added to your bar can be an amazing addition to impress your friends with. The chairs in the bar is an interesting addition to pairing with this brown ledge stone for your bar.

  1. Stone Wall by the Door

This stone wall by door paired with white furniture is a perfect pair. The view on the window makes doing chores in your kitchen with this stone wall more worthwhile.

  1. Stone Wall and Brown Cabinets

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

This is a dream come true for most of you out there to have that rustic earthy kitchen vibe while you cook. Paired with these brown wooden cabinets and marble kitchen counter is picture-perfect.

  1. White Stone Wall

A white stone wall like this arranged overhead the entrance of your kitchen is not only modern but elegant. These with white cabinets and flower pots all in your kitchen gives an earthy ambiance to your kitchen.

  1. White and Grey Blend Wall

The white and grey blend with wooden shelves arranged on it is an elegant element to add to your kitchen. The wine bottles and the glasses arranged on the shelves is just perfect.

  1. Grey Stone Wall Counter

The grey stone wall counter with a perfect pairing of marble counter that runs to the roof is a great way to element one area of your kitchen that will make the whole kitchen look elegant.

8 Faux Stone Designs for Exterior

Faux stone walls are easy to install, easy to clean here are 8 stone wall designs that you can add to your exterior of the house.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for Hallways

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Spotlights and huge pots of plants with the stone walls are a great idea for your hallways. Impress your guests with this hallway design as they walk into your house. You can add your family pictures or artwork to elevate the design.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for Garage

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Stonewall outside the garage will change the whole outlook of your house. Stone walls can be added in various colors depending on the color scheme you choose to present.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for Entrance

The stone wall outside your door will leave a great impression for your guests. Decorate this small corner of your house in contrast with your door can be an elegant pair.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for Pillars

Decorate the pillars of your house with these faux stone panels. These pillars will add a geometric effect outside your house. And ridge, ledges or stacked stones will all look good on this.

  1. Faux Stone Wall in your Garden

When you want to go an extra mile in decorating your garden stone walls and fountains are a great way to fancy things up. With the correct selection of plants and arrangement, you can make your garden look elegant and stylish with this stone wall.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for your Veranda

Stone Wall Designs and Styles

Veranda or patio is a place where you hang out and relax with your friends and family. Decorating your veranda with a stone wall is a great way to decorate your exterior, add some furniture and the right lighting then this can be a place where you can chill with everyone.

  1. Faux Stone Wall for your Gate

The stone wall for your gate is a classic way to decorate your exterior. This will give an earthy vibe to a passer-by and when at night, if you use spotlight you can impress people with the whole outlook of your gate.

  1. Faux Stone Wall Panels

The stone wall panels can be added into the interior of your house or to the exterior, depending on how you want to decorate your house. Stonewall panels with all the geometric elements is a great idea to decorate your house with. Adding spotlights and the right paint job will be an elegant and meticulous way to decorate the exterior of your house.


In conclusion, as you enter a building the walls are the first thing that you would notice and it is why people pay a lot of attention to the wallpapers, the texture, and the color scheme. Stonewall panels are one such element that changes the outlook of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, fireplace or bathroom. Faux stone walls are cheap and easily to build on simple plastered walls. The brick, wood, and concrete designs are also a great way to experiment with these elements to create more dimension.

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